Saturday News Roundup #110

Worth Knowing

  • The Greenes are on the mend after their Thursday bus accident. Despite a fractured hip and a broken toe, Stacy Sanders did not have to have surgery. Tim Greene was apparently driving the bus, and had been fighting heavy wind. It appears that a gust of wind blew the bus onto a muddy shoulder beside the road, from which the bus rolled. The bus’s windshields were broken; Tim was thrown through the windshields and landed under the bus. He had broken ribs and severed muscles/tendons, but surgery went well. Yesterday morning, he had a temperature of 102 and a bruised lung; they were concerned about pneumonia setting in. (Update: Here are some pictures; it’s amazing they survived.)
  • Legacy Five is seeking fans to be extras in a concept video for their song “Ask Me Why”; they need a congregation for a church scene.

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  2. Looking forward to news on some of my favorite gospel singing groups

  3. Slow news week, huh?

  4. Didn’t I see a post on facebook that Tim Greene had just bought the bus, a used Silver Eagle?

  5. Wow, that’s good singing right there!!