Triumphant Quartet gives away free song

About a year ago, Triumphant Quartet bass singer Eric Bennett lost two nephews, killed in tornadoes that swept through Alabama. He responded by writing a song of lamentation and hope, “God Works All Things For Good.”

Tornadoes wreaked havoc across multiple states earlier this week. In response, Triumphant Quartet is giving away both the studio version (from Songs From the Heart, reviewed here) and a live version of the song on BandCamp, here.

Also of interest (to, as BandCamp puts it, “Audiophiles and Nerds”): They have made most or all of the remainder of their catalog available for sale on BandCamp. The prices are no different than iTunes, but instead of getting iTunes’ lossy AAC formats for your $9.99, you have the option of lossless FLAC or Apple Lossless formats.

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  1. Daniel, could you explain more about the tech part at the end of your post? Thanks.

    • Basically, the way BandCamp put it is pretty good: Get the mp3 version unless you already know reasons to prefer a different format.

  2. Oh ok. Thanks.