Saturday News Roundup #111

Worth Knowing

  • The Gospel Music Association is promoting the April 19th Dove Awards show by offering a free download sampler of several nominated songs, here. (The version I downloaded included Brian Free & Assurance’s song “Never Walk Alone.” I don’t know if different readers get different songs.) Their publicist also compiled a Spotify playlist of the Southern Gospel nominees for readers, here.
  • Daywind distributed a press release yesterday announcing that Rick Shelton has been named Vice-President of Daywind Music Publishing. They have also hired Stephen Duncan as Creative Director; Duncan will focus on expanding Daywind Music Publishing’s role into Praise & Worship, Adult Contemporary, and Christian hit radio.
  • The Crist Family has launched a polls feature on their website. They plan to offer a mixture of light-hearted and more serious poll questions. The first one is definitely light-hearted, asking what color alto singer Breana Crist should dye her hair in her upcoming wedding!
  • Signature Sound will return to sing the National Anthem at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AdvoCare 500 night race on Sunday, Sept. 2. [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.] The press release quotes Haase as saying: “Doug, Ian, Devin and I are so excited to be coming back to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the third year running.” Pianist Wayne Haun, who has provided a fifth vocal, was not named; it’s not clear whether they will be doing a four-voice arrangement. (Hat tip, Josh.)

Worth Reading

Worth Watching

Tribute Quartet has launched a new section to their website, Tribute TV, with several behind-the-scenes videos. Check them out here! [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Tribute TV is definitely going to be interesting.

    • Agreed – they have the personalities to pull it off!

  2. Are you able to pull an RSS feed from the new blogger?

    • I just dropped the link into Google Reader, and Google Reader figured it out.

  3. I also received the download that included Brian Free & Assurance’s “Never Walk Alone.”

    • That must be what everyone is getting. Great!

  4. Question:

    How is it that EH & SS have a full band, staging and lighting and are in full demand and yet there are many other groups that are just as talented vocally but don’t have the same level of production value? Do we as fans not expect that from every group? As a genre is there not enough of a fan base to support that level of production from all the “major” groups?

    In the last 5 years we have seen so many groups downsize their bands and yet EH&SS were able to add that and the rest of the elements that make their concerts worthy of a $20-$25 ticket price. I have been going to concerts since the early 1990’s and while I still enjoy going to concerts today I miss the live music of a good SG band.

    I know that several artists read and post on here and would love to get some feedback from them as well as all the rest of the commentators that post here. Thanks.

    • EHSS is able to pay a band because fans are willing to pay $20-$25 a ticket to see them. If fans would pay $20-$25 a ticket to see Gold City or the Perrys or the Kingsmen – or put that much in the offering plate per person – I am sure they would love to bring bands back.

      • But at the same time, if Gold City, the Perrys, or Kingsmen put out the same production value (lights, band, etc,), they could probably afford to charge $20-$25 a ticket.

      • But they (at least GC and Kingsmen) used to, and since people weren’t paying $20-$25/night, they had to quit.

  5. *sigh* Its a terrible catch-22.

    Slightly of-topic, I haven’t heard if the Kingsmen found a permanent replacement for former tenor Harold Reed. Does anyone know? If they haven’t, a few names come to mind (even if they may not be suitable).

  6. Also heard that the Kingsmen had bus trouble over the weekend and were unable to make one of their concerts. Hopefully it will be repaired soon. Talk about financial trouble – add bus repair on top of missing a concert. They had one of the most fun bands back in the day, btw.

  7. We know that J.D. Sumner liked to sing with a Shure SM 81 at live events.
    My question is, did he have a preference with studio mics of other brands? Did he record with the Shure, or did he like an AKG, Neuman, ect?
    As time went by, did his preferences change? Did he like to record with a certain mic in, say, the 60’s, but found something that he liked better in the late 80’s, and stuck with that for awhile?
    What is he using on the frist J.D. Sumner and the Stamps record? And what is he using on the first Master’s V record?

  8. Another technical queston:
    Does any Southern Gospel performer / soundman have experience with LAB subs?
    What about Bag End subs?