Jason Crabb, Isaacs to perform at Dove Awards

The Dove Awards’ PR agency distributed a press release yesterday announcing hosts and performers for the 43rd annual Dove Awards. The ceremony will be April 19 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia; co-hosts will be Christian comedian Chonda Pierce and David Mann (an actor—regrettably, not our genre’s David Mann.) Jason Crabb and the Isaacs will both perform.

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  1. With two hilarious hosts, that should be a fun awards show!

  2. Has anyone confirmed that the Isaacs & Jason Crabb are performing as separate entities? Sonya & Becky originally perform on Jason’s Dove-nominated version of “Who Am I.” Either way, it’s a great opportunity for their music to receive a wider audience.

    • They are listed at two different locations in the list in the press release; however, it did not specify either way.

  3. Regrettably? You better be glad it’s NOT this David Mann. I’d rather leave that to the pros.

    • Pros?

      We’re talking a Christian musician vs. an actor presenting at an awards show for Christian musicians. I’d call you the pro here.

      Besides, I’m biased here, but I’d rather an SG singer gets the exposure. 🙂

      • I see your point. And I guess I would have to agree concerning seeing a SG singer getting the exposure. I’m just afraid of what I would do with it. lol

      • Put CCM artists in their place by mis-pronouncing their names the way they mis-pronounce ours!

        And yes, I am TOTALLY kidding! 🙂