Singing News announces 2012 Fan Awards Top 10

Singing News announced the Top 10 nominees in the 2012 Fan Awards yesterday evening. 

Most notably, Tribute Quartet has a net 5 nomination gain over their 2011 nomination count. This is on the strength of their breakout album The Waiting is Over (reviewed here)—cementing that album’s status as a breakout.

The Inspirations tied for the net 5 nomination gain over 2011; this is largely since the Hosterman/Ragan/Epley/Holcomb has stayed together for long enough that their fans to know and nominate the names of the new members.

Three artists had a net three-nomination gain: The Browns, Legacy Five (thanks to Trey Ivey), and Wilburn and Wilburn. 

I had a little too much spare time on my hands while waiting on election results last night, so I broke each category’s returns down to see year-to-year change. Click on “more reading” to see the full breakdown.

Favorite Artist:
2012: Hoppers, Inspirations
2011: Brian Free, The McKameys
Both: Booth Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance, Greater Vision, Kingdom Heirs, Legacy Five, Ivan Parker, Perrys, Triumphant Quartet

Traditional Quartet
2012: Tribute Quartet
2011: Dove Brothers
Both: Blackwood Brothers Qt, Brian Free & Assurance, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gold City, Inspirations, Kingdom Heirs, Legacy Five, Mark Trammell Qt, Triumphant Qt

Mixed Group
2012: Talleys, Taylors
2011: Chuck Wagon Gang, Crabb Revival
Both: Browns, Collingsworth Family, Crist Family, Diplomats, Hoppers, Isaacs, McKameys, Perrys

2012: HisSong, Pfeifers
2011: Greenes, Talley Trio
Both: Booth Brothers, Bowling Family, Greater Vision, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Karen Peck & New River, Nelons, Pfeifers, Sisters, Whisnants

2012: Adam Crabb, Marshall Hall,
2011: Michael Combs, Ryan Seaton
Both: Mark Bishop, Jason Crabb, TaRanda Greene, Ivan Parker, Squire Parsons, Janet Paschal, Guy Penrod, Charlotte Ritchie

Favorite Male Singer
2012: Mark Trammell
2011: Jim Brady,
Both: Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth, Jason Crabb, Scott Fowler, Brian Free, Joseph Habedank, Ivan Parker, Arthur Rice, Gerald Wolfe

Favorite Female Singer
2012: Lauren Talley Alvey, Debra Talley
2011: Connie Hopper, Janet Paschal
Both: Peg McKamey Bean, Sheri Easter, Karen Peck Gooch, TaRanda Greene, Kim Hopper, Libbi Stuffle, Susan Whisnant

Young Artist
2012: Adam Brown, Philip Collingsworth, Trey Ivey, Luke Vaught, Jordan Wilburn
2011: Courtney Collingsworth, Cody McVey, Jameson Lewis, Amanda Smith, Andy Stringfield
Both: Riley Clark, Morgan Easter, Eli Fortner, Amber Thompson, Austin Whisnant

Horizon Individual
2012: Brian Alvey, Andrew Brown, Eli Fortner, Trey Ivey, Jordan LeFevre, Jordan Wilburn
2011: Trent Adams, Courtney Collingsworth, Cody McVey, David Ragan, Logan Smith, Austin Whisnant
Both: Riley Clark, Jeff Hawes, Andy Stringfield, Bryan Walker

Horizon Group
2012: 11th Hour, Barry Rowland & Deliverance, Beyond the Ashes, Carolina Boys, Heaven’s Call, Paul’s Journey, Wilburn & Wilburn
2011: Akins, Ball Brothers, Freedom Singers, Freedom Trio, Sisters, Statement of Faith, Voices Won
Both: Old Paths, Red Roots, Taylors

2012: Jerry Martin, Eric Phillips
2011: Riley Clark, Joel Wood
Both: Chris Allman, Michael Booth, Brian Free, Gus Gaches, Ernie Haase, Jodi Hosterman, David Phelps, David Sutton

2012: Gary Casto
2011: Bryan Hutson
Both: Ronnie Booth, Scott Fowler, Joseph Habedank, Clayton Inman, David Ragan, Arthur Rice, Bill Shivers, Dustin Sweatman, Gerald Wolfe

2012: Jon Epley, Josh Singletary
2011: Doug Anderson, Mark Lowry
Both: Jim Brady, Steve French, Rodney Griffin, Scott Howard, Scott Inman, Derrick Selph, Mark Trammell, Bryan Walker

2012: Anthony Davis
2011: Tim Duncan
Both: Pat Barker, Eric Bennett, Jeff Chapman, Glenn Dustin, Mike Holcomb, Jeremy Lile, Ray Dean Reese, Tim Riley, Tracy Stuffle

2012: Jackie Crist, Kim Ruppe Lord, Jessica Trammell
2011: TaRanda Greene, Charlotte Ritchie, Valerie Ruppe
Both: Lauren Talley Alvey, Brooklyn Collingsworth, Connie Fortner, Karen Peck Gooch, Kim Hopper, Amber Thompson, Sonya Isaacs Yeary

2012: Courtney Collingsworth
2011: Janis Lewis Phillips
Both: Peg McKamey Bean, Kelly Nelon Clark,Sheri Easter, Sheryl Farris, Connie Hopper, Susan Peck Jackson, Libbi Perry Stuffle, Debra Talley, Susan Whisnant

2012: Trey Ivey, Kevin Williams
2011: Eric Ollis, Tim Parton,
Both: Kim Collingsworth, Roger Fortner, Gordon Mote, Dennis Murphy, Josh Singletary, Jeff Stice, Andy Stringfield, Stewart Varnado

2012: Inspirations, Jason Crabb Band
2011: Crabb Revival, Whisnants
Both: Dove Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band, Isaacs, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Kingdom Heirs, McKameys, Primitive Quartet, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

2012: Phil Cross,
2011: Sheryl Farris
Both: Mark Bishop, Jim Brady, Gerald Crabb, Rodney Griffin, Joseph Habedank, Ronny Hinson, Scott Inman, Kyla Rowland, Dianne Wilkinson

2012: Legacy Five, Inspirations, McKameys, Gold City, Tribute, Kingdom Heirs
2011: Jubilee Artists, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Karen Peck & New River, Brian Free & Assurance, Mark Trammell Quartet, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Both: Perrys (Libbi-solo), Booth Brothers, Triumphant, Greater Vision

2012: Kingsmen, Inspirations, Tribute, Karen Peck & New River, Gold City
2011: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Mark Trammell Quartet
Both: Legacy Five, Perrys, Brian Free & Assurance, Greater Vision, Triumphant, Booth Brothers, McKameys

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  1. I am biased… but how can Tim Riley(a living LEGEND, whom 95% of bass singers on the road look up to as one of , if not the, best ever bass singer ever) not get bass singer of the year??

    • Perhaps surprisingly, he’s only won it five times, and only twice in the last twenty years.

    • I agree. I can understand Younce and Riley going neck to neck and Younce winning at least at times. However, now no one can even give Riley any competition at all in my opinion. Now, there are some good basses out there some of which could become the next time Riley down the line, but right now he is THE bass.

    • Every year at Fan Awards voting time the same discussions arise. You have to keep in mind that these awards are not for the most talented or the “best” singers/musicians but for the FAVORITES. This is why fans often vote for the same artists in each category year after year regardless of their talent level. While I would agree that Tim Riley is at the very least one of the top 2 or 3 basses in the industry today (and quite possibly, ever) and that many other basses look up to and emulate him and his techniques, that in no way makes him (or anyone else) the overall fan-favorite for the year. The very nature of the fan awards are incredibly subject to the whims of the fans. If the awards were based solely on the artists’ vocal/musical talent, I don’t think I would ever have been nominated. (Yes, I am a SGM artst…:-)

      • By the way, I would rank Jeff Chapman just about as good as Tim Riley! Jeff can pretty much do what Tim can on the low end, but he can take a lead and sing in an upper register with finesse and control that very few basses have. Jeff, in my opinion, is the most complete bass singer out there today.

      • couldn’t agree more. this link should tell all about it. thanks to dabeinman.


        And Mr Chapman’s favorite singer of all time? Tim Riley 🙂

      • Suprising that Tim’s only one it 2 times in 20 years.
        Speaking of favorites, I’ve read that Tim’s favorite is Big Cheif.
        Did Cheif win any fan awards? The S.N. started in ’69, and Cheif died in 1973.

  2. I wouldnt totally agree, yes Tim is a fantastic and without a doubt a vry vry good bass singer but there are some excellent basses out there, Glenn Dustin is not only a top quailty bass, but stage presence and person a totally gentleman, without doubt my pick,

  3. You obviously have to wonder how people vote in their minds…unless they simply choose not to vote for every category. For instance, TaRanda Greene is nominated for Favorite Soloist and Favorite Female Vocalist but she can’t even cut the Top 10 in Favorite Soprano. That’s amusing.

    • In some years, Singing News has disqualified soloists from the group-part nominations. I think that people have gotten used to this and generally think in terms of nominating group members for the different parts. Note that Ivan Parker isn’t a top 10 lead singer this year.

      But there are always head-scratchers! 🙂

      • I believe the reason why TaRanda was nominated last year was because the voting theoretically covered the period of time when she sang with a group (at least mostly). They offered the same exception for Charlotte Ritchie after she left Jeff & Sheri Easter.

        Tribute Quartet’s nominations are great, but I wonder how much their mentioning the SN on their Facebook urged readers to consider them. Seemingly, there is some mention each day or every other day referring to subscribing to the SN. While they haven’t exactly come out and asked for award nominations, this would seem interesting if there were a relationship between their mentioning the magazine & their actual nominations. Either way, I’m happy for them!

      • Plenty of other groups mention SN nominations, too, but that doesn’t mean their Facebook connections will vote for them!

        It has been said, though, that many of the groups who do the best in the nominations are the groups who are effective at getting their fans to sign up for SN. So there is some level of connection between that factor and nominations – not just for Tribute, but for other groups who place well in the nominations.

      • On the other hand, there are some groups who not only place well in the nominations, but actually win in multiple categories, who never so much as mention Singing News during the course of their concerts, nor even have an issue or subcription form on the product table. Whereas I’ve seen other well-known and well-respected groups do both, yet never make the top five. I expect that Singing News isn’t complaining about the lack of promotion, though, since obviously the fans of the non-promoting groups are subscribing, regardless of whether or not they’ve been told to by their favorite group.

  4. I agree, Daniel. One group tried fervently to get people’s nominations, but the Facebook promotion didn’t do well for them. My comments basically just raise a thought using Tribute as an example. I thoroughly enjoy Tribute’s sound and am excited to see such a young group continue to build a nice standard of excellence. Southern Gospel needs more people like them.

    It’s possibly because of my Facebook feed that their links to SN show up more. However, I am not condemning them for mentioning it. They deserve recognition for their hard work.

  5. Andrew, your statement that Tribute Quartet “mentions Singing News every day or every other day” is not supported by the Group’s Facebook page. From February 20th, around the time most people started receiving their March issue of SN that contained the ballot, until this morning, which is 24 days, I saw only two posts about Singing News referring to the voting itself, and two posts referring to subscribing (which if a person had not subscribed to SN at this point, their vote would not count anyway). They also have posts about the SGM Scoops Awards as well as a couple mentions about the new upcoming NQC awards. Considering they post at least once a day or more and keep their fans well-informed of all they do, I really don’t consider this excessive. I am glad that you like them and have posted that you think they deserve recognition for their hard work, because I was just about ready to press “send” on a message that said I hope that you would not cheapen their nominations by insinuating they begged for them.

    [EDIT: I appreciate that you clearly did attempt to remain respectful of fellow commenters; however, this one section of the comment went a little too far. -Editor]

    If you have been to a Tribute Quartet concert lately, you would know that they are four hard-working men, enthusiastic about their music, professional and personable on stage as well as off. They arrive early, greet their fans, put on one fantastic performance that is both entertaining as well as spiritually moving, and stay until the last fan has gone. They are not snobs nor do they have a star mentality. They seem down to earth and genuine from what I can tell. They play a lot of big dates for major promoters and each CD they have released is better than the one before. In case you’re wanting to put an asterisk on this post, I’m not any of their family nor am I even a close friend. I attend a lot of concerts and observe with my eyes and ears. I”ve met the guys in the group and it appears to me that they are making strides and the fans recognized this with the voting this year. I’m genuinely happy for them. No asterisk needed.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to cross the line! Although I felt it was generic enough and no disrespect intended toward anyone specfic, my ramblings may have gotten off track in my attempt to make my point. I will just try to reiterate the main thought that everyone benefits from legitmate groups who know how to sing, entertain, minister, and conduct their business. Tribute seems to be that kind of group. By using them as the example, I felt like some may try to put an asterisk by their nominations when they should get full credit for working hard and not letting off the throttle for these five years they’ve been in existence–even though they are one of the younger groups in this industry that has its veteran groups of 20, 30, 40+ years tenure. It’s too easy these days to try to disqualify someone’s achievements as being for some other reason than good old fashioned planning, praying and producing. So, the suggestion that Tribute got their nominations because they support the Singing News on FB seemed to me to be an unfair assessment especially when the facts present themself pretty strongly: national booking agency and record label, top 40 songs, playing major concert venues, and yes, the use of magazine ads and social media. Certainly no disrespect toward Andrew at all. I do see his point in trying to make the correlation. Regardless, we are in total agreement that Tribute is deserving of the nominations they received.

      • Thanks! I am indeed in total agreement that Tribute deserved the nominations they received, and did nothing inappropriate or even too pushy in the course of the process.

      • Thank you, Robert, for commenting directly to my thoughts. I appreciate your sentiments about the entire idea. However, I did not say that Tribute Quartet posted every/every other day about SN. I started my sentence with the word, seemingly. My thoughts simply state that it seems to me (no one else) that Tribute did ask for nominations directly or indirectly. Whether or not the increased nominations actually did occur because of Facebook posts was not exactly my point. I referred to Tribute because they were the first to come to mind. I help run the Perrys’ FB page, and I caught myself reminding people last year of the award nominations a bit too much!

        My goal isn’t to make the correlation happen, but to see if this idea is possible. In no way do I want to cheapen Tribute Quartet’s award nominations. Strenuous plowing = bountiful reaping

        Thanks for attending Tribute Quartet concerts. I have limited time to see any SG group perform these days, so I enjoy reading or hearing about those I want to see. From videos and conversations I’ve seen and heard, the Tribute men seem very friendly and caring. I hope to someday see Tribute Quartet and groups like them. Their zeal is difficult to match.

        Thank you, Daniel, for allowing the conversation to take place. Your comments are correct. I apologize if I’ve offended anyone at all. 🙂

      • You certainly didn’t offend me! I know your personality well enough to know that what you said wasn’t intended as any criticism at all.

  6. Thank you for your comments, Andrew. I appreciate your explanation that this was your perception of the FB situation. Going to the group’s FB page and counting the actual posts about SN might have perhaps been the better thing to in order to offer solid facts rather than personal speculations, but I understand we all have probably posted from time to time and thought better of it. I know I have. No problem.

    If I may offer a word of caution from someone who has opened mouth and inserted foot more times than he cares to admit: In all honesty, there could be some who might speculate that because you are involved closely with another group in helping run their FB page, publicly mentioning other groups, even in personal speculation or as a neutral example or well-meaning contribution to a topic, could be misconstrued as a conflict of interest. Daniel has said he knows you and knows you weren’t being critical and that’s good enough for me. I agree with him and I do sense your passion for this music and I applaud it. Thank you for helping in the Perrys’ ministry, and please just consider this just a word of advice from someone who has learned the hard way.