Saturday News Roundup #112

Worth Knowing

  • The Akins are looking for a new drummer.
  • The Mark Trammell Quartet had an electrical fire on their bus. Though it was contained to one compartment, it did impact the generator and two air conditioning units. They posted a photo of a fireman and fire truck at the bus here
  • StowTown records has arranged for their first end-cap in a major Christian retail chain; it features the new Collingsworth Family and Signature Sound records. (See photo on right.)
  • They might not have a permanent tenor yet, but the Kingsmen do have a new bus driver. Daniel Branscum has been driving for the group since October, and was officially hired full-time last month.
  • AbsolutelyGospel has announced the full list of performers and presenters for the 2012 Absolutely Gospel Music Awards. [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken link removed.] The awards will be held and streamed online on Tuesday, April 10th.
  • Jaidyn’s Call has changed their name to Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call. Debra, Libbi Perry Stuffle’s sister, sang with the Perrys for eighteen years.
  • West Coast concert promoter Jim Arneson was killed in a tragic car accident. His son, Thory, was injured and remains in critical condition.
  • The Dove Brothers have joined Twitter.

Worth Reading

  • AbsolutelyGospel has an excellent interview with Bryan Hutson of Soul’d Out Quartet. [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken link removed.]
  • For several years, Legacy Five has made the story of the salvation of Hanna (a Muslim girl) and Patty (her mother) a centerpiece of their live concerts. Check out this testimony of another member of the family. [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.]
  • Off-topic but also worthwhile: When Should Christians Engage in Civil Disobedience? and Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Worth Watching

If you missed Thursday’s post, the final Statesmen performance, watch that video now!

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Everybody must out cutting their grass today… It’s 3 pm CST and it looks like there are no comments. Hey, I saw the Kingdom Heirs in Homer, GA last Sunday, and they were great. I’d only seen Jerry Martin on YouTube. He’s a great tenor. We all know that Arthur, Steve, Jeff and Kreis are super. Andy does a fabulous job at piano. Dennis Murphy had a death in the family, so he couldn’t make the date. His presence would have been the only thing that would have made it better.

    • Hey Terry!! Just want to publicly say YOU DA MAN!!!

    • Actually, cutting the grass might not be too far off! I was out in the morning helping an elderly lady from church with some landscaping, and out in the evening seeing Josh Garner and John Rulapaugh’s Freedom!

    • We weren’t mowing our grass, but enjoying Michael Booth and the Booth Brothers yesterday. 🙂 And we would just like to publicly say how thankful we are for the Booth Brothers’ ministry and music. They have been such a blessing and inspiration to our family, and we praise God for them.

  2. Guess there should be a story here about Michael Booth. Maybe more comments would show up 🙂

  3. Since the only two people who have commented are famous, we’d better add our names! 🙂

    Our comment is that the MTQ must have had a very moving message, as it brought the firefighter to his knees.
    (Or was it a rendition of “It’s Almost Over”?)

    • 🙂 Funny! Actually, a little home video of them standing around the fire and singing a few lines of the chorus would have been incredibly funny. It’s almost over / we are going home!

  4. Hey Daniel, I tried to “see photo on left” like you said, but that was kind of difficult since the only photo in the post was on the right. It’s late though, so my mind could be playing tricks on me.

    BTW, I’m not one to usually put in a plug for myself, but tomorrow morning on my blog, a concert review will be posted of my night tonight at an EHSS concert. It was a blast!

    • Cool! I look forward to reading it!

      Sorry about the left/right. It’s fixed now! 🙂

  5. Daniel: Does Freedom have a third member or was Alan Kendall not replaced?

    • Freedom’s baritone is Tyler Vestal. He’s also a great pianist; I saw them last night, and the highlights of the night were the piano-and-vocals-only songs.

  6. Thanks Daniel

  7. We were actually singing a medley of Keep on the firing line, through the fire, and smoke get’s in your eyes. It was very moving as you can see by the fire fighters reaction. Hey Stewart, yours is not the only bus that has caught fire in my presence!!

    • Did anyone film any cell phone video?

  8. Pat joined the Dixie Echoes, we had a bus fire.
    Pat joins Mark Trammell, he has a bus fire.
    Maybe you’re just bad luck.

  9. I am not sure about video. We had to sing 1 hour after the fire so we stayed as far from the smoke as possible. We probably smelled like we had just walked out of a huddle house. No offense to the fine folks at the Huddle!!

    • Ah, OK!

      • Their bus is burning and you want cell phone footage, Daniel? LOL That is too funny. Are you secretly the grandson of Bill Gaither? 🙂

      • Not sure I follow the reasoning. (It’s not like I would make a penny off of sharing the link!)

      • It is probably a reference to the jokes that Bill tapes everything that breathes. 😀

      • Ah! I guess there is a weird sensibility to the notion, then, since I suppose fire has to breathe—cut off all oxygen and many if not all fires go out. So one could extend the everything that breathes notion to fire.

  10. Yes, Quartet-Man, that was my reference. I’ve heard Mark Lowry say that when the rapture takes place, Bill will have a video of it for sale.

  11. Saturday, March 17, 2007: I saw Dan Keeton with the Dixie Melody Boys in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

    Saturday, March 17, 2012: Dan is with Gold City in Circleville, Ohio. I MISSED IT !!

    So, who’s going to book Gold City in Ohio on Saturday, March 17th, 2017 ?