Randy Byrd leaves the Blackwood Brothers

Randy ByrdThe Blackwood Brothers just announced:

The Blackwood Brothers Quartet announces that Randy Byrd, bass singer for the last seven years, is leaving the group.  Jimmy Blackwood said, “Randy’s personality has won him many friends across the country. He was a good friend, a hard worker and we will miss him. We wish him well in his future endeavors.” Auditions are underway and you can get in touch with the quartet at: jimmy@blackwoodbrothers.com

I grew up in the world of Contemporary Christian Music, where stars were off at unapproachable distances. Randy was the first Southern Gospel performer to reach out to me and start to build a friendship. He convinced me that Southern Gospel singers are real people, and his graciousness played a role in starting me down the path that led to launching this website. He will be missed!

(UPDATE, 3/21/12) Randy Byrd commented on Facebook:

I want to thank the Blackwood Brothers Quartet for letting me live my dream for the last 7 yrs. I hope and pray that God will work it all out so that maybe one day I can return to doing what I love to do with guys that I love! Praying God’s richest blessings on the ministry.

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  1. I hate to hear this news. Randy is a great bass singer, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m gonna miss seeing him with Jimmy and the guys.

    • He is indeed one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, too. If the first Southern Gospel performer I met had been as irascible and prickly as one or two I’ve met since (thankfully, only one or two!), there’s a very good chance I might not be doing what I do today – either on this site or with my job. He was a huge influence.

  2. Randy is a wonderful person. I also will miss him and his contribution to our field.

  3. It is sad to hear a great person and singer like Randy leaving the road. Has it been announced what his plans are?

    Dwight F

  4. Daniel, you know that I will miss Randy! He is by far the most personable and friendliest southern gospel singer that I’ve had the honor of meeting. He and I struck up a friendship a couple years ago at the NQC and my then two year old fell in love with him and still loves him dearly. She is four years old now and I took her for her birthday to see the Blackwood Brothers just so she could see Randy. Randy came over and talked to us before the concert and he sang Kaylee “Happy Birthday” and then told her that every song that they sang that night would be especially for her. She has never forgotten him and when I told her last night that he would no longer be singing, she wanted to know where he was going and I told her that I thought he was going to be at home and then she asked me, “What color is his home daddy?” I sent Randy a message and told him and he sent me one back last night and said, “Tell Kaylee it’s yellow. 😉 I love you all!” Class act is such an understatement. He will truly be missed. He has touched so many lives over the past seven years! He told me when I first starting talking to him that he was “living his dream!” Thanks for the update Daniel.

    • JC, That is great!

  5. This is sad news!! I will deeply miss Randy Byrd. He is a gentlemen, a fine singer, and a real hero to many. i do hope this is not the last time we see him on the road. He is to valuable to this music. We love you Randy!! May God richly bless you in the future as he has in the past!!

  6. Wow, we were not expecting that! We’ll really miss you, Mr. Byrd.
    The Mount Family

  7. Now see, I might have said something like Randy Byrd flew the coop. 😉 I never met or even heard Randy (except maybe on TV in the group in passing), but the comments here speak highly of the man he must be.

  8. I wonder if Tim Duncan would consider the job. I know former Blackwoods bass London Parris worked with Tim in his early years with SSQ.

  9. Ive known Randy Byrd’s family for a long time. His parents did a great job bringing him up in the Lord. He was living out his dream, singing about his saviour, using his talents. According to his older sister singing is all he wanted to do. Getting a chance to sing with the Blackwood Brothers was great next to being a father and grandfather. He will be sure missed.

  10. I have followed The Blackwood Brothers, since the mid-50’s and have seen a number of changes. When I heard Randy Byrd was leaving the group it made me very sad, :>( A group of us from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Flint, MI are going to the Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana on June 29Th. The Blackwoods, LeFeveres, and The Chuck Wagon Gang, are scheduled to be there. We will indeed miss Randy. He is a Great bass, and very personable man. God bless you Randy!

  11. Randy Byrd is a great Bass and, no doubt he is missed; but, I do believe they have found another great Bass singer in Butch Owens, I had the privilege of hearing the Blackwood Brothers Quartet with Butch Owens singing Bass last evening in Lincoln, Nebraska and in my opinion he is very good. The Concert was just awesome. Their song selections were great. So glad I did not let the hot summer day keep me away. Those guys wore their suits, white long-sleeved shirts and ties and looked fabulous but they must have been hot.
    Thank you Blackwood Brothers for coming to Lincoln, Nebraska.

  12. Saw LeFevre Qt. in concert this past Saturday evening and Randy Byrd is their current bass singer. He seemed to be a very personable and gracious man.

    • Randy is just what this classy quartet needed. A perfect match…