Singing News November top 80 chart

Singing News posted their November top 80 chart here. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] At #1 is Karen Peck & New River’s “Whispered Prayers.” It is the group’s third consecutive #1, after “Last Night” and “Hey”; all three come from the project Journey of Joy. The Daywind press release cautiously states that having three #1 singles off the same project is “a rare feat.” [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] I say “cautiously” since I think it may actually be a first; while I know there has been at least one album (Kingdom Heirs’ Forever Changed 2004) that has produced two #1 songs (“I Know I’m Going There” and the title track), I’m not aware of any other time this has happened before.

While most of the discussion will probably focus on the #1 position, this month’s top 10 is also one of the strongest in recent charts. Any of the songs on their way up (relative to last month’s position) would make a great #1 hit, and there are a few (in particular, “Until the Day,” at #11 and “Reason Enough” at #14) which may well see the top three in January or February’s chart.

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  1. I do know Greater Vision accomplished having two #1 songs in 1998 on the “Far Beyond This Place” project. “My Name Is Lazarus” and “Just One More Soul”. In fact, in an even more rare instance, both songs went on to grab consecutive Song of the Year awards, (1999, 2000).

  2. i’m just glad SOQT grabbed the 80 spot 🙂 …this is our first song on the chart in almost 3 years lol

  3. It should also be noted that while this is Karen’s third #1 off of this album – it is her 4th consecutive #1 hit as “Hold Me While I Cry” from Good to Be Free went #1 right before Karen hopped over to Daywind Records.

    It’s been a while since an artist has had 4 consecutive #1s – plus – I’d look for Karen’s new single – “I Want to Thank You” – to hit #1 next year. That is just a fantastic song.

  4. Good catch. I wonder why the Daywind press release missed that. (Of course, I have to admit I missed it, too, but I have a little more excuse being more removed from the situation.)

  5. The Crabb Family had all 3 singles from their “Living out the Dream” cd go to #1. They were: “That’s No Mountain” (Oct. ’01), “The Reason That I’m Standing” (March/April ’02), and “Please Come Down to Me” (Jan/Feb 2003). That’s the only instance I can think of at the moment. Karen Peck & New River surely has radio wrapped around their finger so to speak. “I Want to Thank You” has the potential for being what “The Broken Ones” was for the Talley Trio. Interestingly enough, Jerry Salley has a hand in both of them.

  6. Andrew, thanks for answering my question! Still, being (presumably) the second to achieve that feat is pretty respectable. 🙂

  7. another case where that happened is Mike Bowling’s “The Call”, with “Thank God for the Preacher” and “The Call”. It was also the first time that a soloist had two consecutive #1’s and the first time they had come from the same album. I used to have that album, but lost it. Too bad for me.


  8. If I remember correctly, the Crabb Family also had 3 #1’s from the album “The Walk”. Songs were “The Walk”, “The Cross”, and “Jesus Will Do What You Can’t”

  9. About Mike Bowling’s solo singles, not all of the singles from that recording went to #1. The only one that didn’t was “Another Valley Left Behind” which peaked at #6…just a few spots shy of the top. The same thing implies with the Crabb Family’s “The Walk” cd. They had “The Walk”, “The Cross”, and “Jesus Will Do What You Can’t” hit #1 one right after the other. The only issue that disqualified this particular Crabb Family recording was that the fourth single, “Greater Is He”, peaked at #7 on the Singing News monthly charts. Another group that had all 3 radio singles achieve #1 is the Whisnants. The group achieved this landmark status when all 3 radio singles from their “New Day Dawning” cd went to #1. (“New Day Dawning” [May ’06], “Thank God for Grace” [Jan. ’07], and “A Greater Yes” [Sept. ’07]. Another example would be the Talley Trio (Hope for Tomorrow, ’02-03). All three singles (“The Healer”, “The Answer Is Christ”, and “I Love the Lord/Total Praise”)went to #1 on the SN monthly charts.

  10. Daniel – if I had to give an explanation – I’d probably say because the PR was trying to focus on 3 #1s from the one Daywind Release.

  11. I see Andrew S already mentioned the Talley Trio’s success with Hope For Tomorrow. They followed that up with two more #1s from their next recording The Message. “Jesus Saves” and “His Life For Mine” both went #1 giving the Talley Trio (5) #1 songs in a row.