Post of the Day: Gus Gaches on group mentoring

Gus Gaches recently posted¬†A New Twist on Groups and Changes¬†at the Legacy Five blog. He asks what Southern Gospel would look like if it were set up with a system comparable to hockey. Numerous aspects are tongue-in-cheek, and, as he notes, “in no way intended to be taken seriously.” But underneath the light-hearted exterior, he offers some interesting musings on what Southern Gospel might look like if the twenty most popular artists invested time and energy in mentoring eight regional or up-and-coming artists, and if those regional artists in turn mentored local artists.

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  1. In the spirit of continuing Gus’ fun, would his definition make the Kingdom Heirs a regional group? Haha

    • In the three months they hit the road each year, they traverse quite a few states. That said, their appeal was decidedly more regional until they started seeing major Southern Gospel radio chart success on the national level about ten years ago.

  2. We’ve noticed the mentoring EHSS did with the Ball Brothers, and what Legacy Five is currently doing with Freedom Singers, Gerald Wolfe (Greater Vision) with Promise, and the Booth Brothers with Declaration. What other SG groups have we missed that are currently mentoring an up and coming group?

    This is good news! We commend these top groups for taking the time to support and share the stage and ‘business’ with these newer and very talented groups. The goal isn’t to compete with each other, but to keep the Gospel through music alive and well…and growing!


  3. I think someone came really close to trying this a few years ago, at least as far as making the top tier exclusive. . It was called “American Gospel Music…”

  4. Interesting concept, but would never work. It’s one thing for a “major league” group to mentor one group or an individual, but I’m not sure they would do several. Not only that…..I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but dates aren’t so plentiful right now. Don’t think the “majors” would want competition for dates. Some groups (not the Talleys) will only work with specific groups now. If you add more groups as a promoter, the “headline” group will want more money as it can cut into their product sales. Yes, this concept is a great one, but not realistic.

    • Yes, as Gus said, it’s mostly tongue-in-cheek at this point. Perhaps things will get better someday, though, and more mentoring and collaborations will be feasible.