The Rebels Quartet Returns

The RebelsThe Rebels Quartet, which retired over thirty years ago, is returning to Gospel Music. Past Rebels member Rick Fair received blessings of several former members to bring the name back.

Fair, who is perhaps best known for his mid-2000s run singing baritone for Palmetto State Quartet, has also sung for The Blackwoods and Hovie Lister and the Statesmen. He will be singing bass, and will be joined by David Fair on baritone. Southern Sound alumni Mike Young (tenor) and Barry Patrick (pianist) and Melody Boys / Freedom alumnus Alan Kendall (lead) round out the lineup. The group will be based in Sevierville, Tennessee.

The original Rebels lineup was tenor Horace Parrish, lead singer Lee Kitchens, baritone singer John Matthews, bass singer Norman Allman, and pianist Jimmy Hand. Ron Booth Sr., founding member of the Booth Brothers and father to Ronnie and Michael Booth, got his start singing tenor for the Rebels. Three Southern Gospel Hall of Famers were also members: Big Jim Hamill, Jim Waits, and London Parris.

They can be found online at and on Facebook at

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  1. That sounds fantastic!

  2. Great! I will look forward to seeing them.

  3. Sounds good, just hope it lasts longer than the return of the Prophets Qt. that Ed Hill broght back for a short time.

    • Pessimist! 🙂

      • Maybe not totally. He said he HOPES that they last longer. A true pessimist might just presume they won’t.:D

      • True. 🙂

  4. I only wish them the BEST!!!

  5. I must confess that I had not heard of this group, but after visiting their website and listening to the songs in the archives and watching the four videos, I’m sorry to say that I missed them in their hayday. If the new generation is only half as good as the group of the past, they will be a formidable force.

    Daniel, you’ll have to keep videos on Youtube though as they state that they will be touring on a limited basis in the southeast. That puts those of us Southern Gospel fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area out of range. I do wish them all of the best in this ministry.

  6. This will be VERY good for Southern Gospel Music.
    Roy Pauley, and every other fan of the classic quartets, will be proud!
    Love what I’ve heard of the old group.
    Man, London was unique!!
    I agree with what Donnie Ricks said above, if this current group has half the talent of the group in it’s prime, then, watch out!! They’ll take the industry by storm.
    Could they be the next “smash hit”, and take off like the Masters V did? If they do it right, they sure could have a chance of it.
    Many blessings on them.

  7. Yes, Jimmy Hand was the original pianist for the Rebels (for about a year) but most people will remember the great Jimmy Taylor. Not only was he a fabulous piano player, but also a great singer and arranger.

    • Agreed Terry!!

    • Cool! When I saw your comment (Terry’s, that is), I wondered at first if the press release (and I) had printed the wrong founding pianist! 🙂

    • Jimmy was also one of the most underrated pianists of his time. He had great technique; his licks were as clean as a whistle; and The Rebels would not have been “The Rebels” without him! He also had a stint with The Singing Americans in their early days. They had a sound very reminiscent of the Rebels…imagine that!

  8. If I recall correctly Rick, David and Mike were all with Southern Sound at the time of last year’s NQC and were all on the group’s CD release at the time.

    • All 4 besides the lead singer (Alan Kendall) were with Southern Sound until recently.

  9. FYI, there is a video on YouTube of their premier at Antioch Baptist. Sounds awfully good to me.

    • I’ll be linking to that from my Saturday News Roundup post this morning.

  10. Back in the ’60’s, I would always try to catch The Rebels TV program! They were right up there with the best back then! I pray that they will be blessed with the Grace of Jesus in their endeavor.

  11. Actually,k Ron Booth cut his teeth with the Toney Brothers Quartet before leaving for the sunny south in Florida with the Rebels. He was later joined by his brother Charles.

  12. Had the pleasure of seeing them today. They continue the legacy well. The highlight for me was when they called my dad, Rebels original bass Norman Almand (correct spelling!) on stage to sing “Farther Along with them.”