Songs from Numbers

This is the fourth entry in a series on Songs from the Books of the Bible.

Southern Gospel songs focus on many of the highest themes known to mankind—songs of Salvation, the Cross, the Resurrection, and eternity. But critics claim that they focus on these themes to the exclusion of other Biblical themes which are appropriate and perhaps necessary to address in song.

For how many chapters in Numbers can we find Southern Gospel songs addressing their themes?

  • Chapter 9:15-23: Led by a Cloud (Hoppers, Crossmen Quartet)
  • Chapter 9:15-23: Fire by Night, Cloud By Day (Cumberland Quartet)
  • Chapter 9:15-23: Cloud by Day, Fire by Night (Old Paths) – yes, two different songs with reversed titles
  • Chapter 9:15-23: Led Out of Bondage (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 11:5: I’ve Passed Over into Canaanland (Gold City, Kingdom Heirs)
  • Chapter 13:23: I’ve Pitched My Tent in Beulah Land (hymn)
  • Chapter 13: Canaanland is Just in Sight (Heavenbound, Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 13: I’ve Passed Over into Canaanland (Gold City, Kingdom Heirs)
  • Chapter 13: A Land where Milk and Honey Flows (Blackwood Brothers)
  • Chapter 13: Where the Milk and Honey Flow (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 13: Milk & Honey (Hoppers, Punches Family) 
  • Chapter 13: Where the Milk and Honey Flows (Statesmen)
  • Chapter 13-14: With All the Many Miracles (Greater Vision)
  • Chapter 13-14: Leave Behind the Wilderness (Inspirations)
  • Chapter 21: High and Lifted Up (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 22: Lord, Do it Again (Gold City, Booth Brothers)
  • Chapter 26:59: “Jochebed” (Dave, Duane & Neil, the Original Couriers)

[UPDATE] Thank you for all the submissions! They have been edited in. What others come to mind?

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  1. From Numbers 13-14, on the report of Caleb and Joshua, one of my favorite Rodney Griffin songs, “With All the Many Miracles”. There should be other songs from this passage…I just can’t think of any right now.

    The Cathedrals’ and Dianne Wilkinson’s “High and Lifted Up” mentions the brass serpent in Chapter 21, but only in the context of Jesus’ reference to it in the New Testament. Don’t know if you want to count that or not.

    • I knew I could count on you to come through with some good ones! Yes, for Leviticus at any rate, I’ll take passing references! 🙂

  2. Squire Parsons’s “Lord Do It Again” makes a very brief reference to Balaam and his donkey.

  3. How about for Num 27 as Moses commissions Joshua Passing the Faith Along, GVB.

    • Hmm. Can you think of anything that would tie it more to this commissioning than, say, Paul’s of Timothy, or Elijah’s of Elisha?

  4. What about the Heavenbound song. Canaan’s Land is just in sight for Numbers 13

    • Good one! I was going to put it in Joshua 3, but there’s no reason not to put it here, too. 🙂

  5. The “milk and honey” epithet for Canaan is found from Exodus through Joshua, but it is in Numbers 13 where it is first reported as an actuality from the spies. So maybe songs that reference that could fit. Most notable is the Hoppers’ “Milk and Honey”. The Cathedrals did “Where the Milk and Honey Flow”. I think both songs use it in reference to heaven, as opposed to the Biblical narrative.

    • I had 5 in my draft for Deuteronomy, but I think it would make sense to add them here. Thanks for the idea!

  6. One night while preparing a sermon, I found an old song called “I’ve Pitched my tent in Beulah Land”, and wanted to use the words to illustrate a point. In one of the verses there was a phrase unfamiliar to me-“grapes of Eshcol”. Having no idea what it meant, I finally discovered it was from Numbers 13, referring to the place where the large grape clusters were found. This is probably the only song in the world containing the word “Eshcol”.

    • I believe I have heard of it before, and I probably have it in some of my hymnals. Have you ever heard of a Southern Gospel rendition?

    • There’s a hymn called “I Want That Mountain,” sung from the perspective of Caleb. “I want that mountain, I want that mountain, where the milk and honey flow, where the grapes of Eschol grow…” I believe the passage on which that hymn is based is in Joshua.

      • Just confirming to myself…”I Want That Mountain” comes from Joshua 14.

      • Thanks! I added that to my Joshua draft.

  7. What about “Led Out Of Bondage” by the Cathedrals? It’s a stretch, but it does mention the cloud by day and fire by night.

    • Because its topic is primarily centered around Exodus, I’ve listed it there, but it couldn’t hurt to also list it here.

  8. Just added “Leave Behind the Wilderness” (Inspirations) to Numbers 13-14. Now if there was ever a convention song that needs to be brought back… !