Songs from II Chronicles

This is the fourteenth entry in a series on Songs from the Books of the Bible.

Southern Gospel songs focus on many of the highest themes known to mankind—songs of Salvation, the Cross, the Resurrection, and eternity. But critics claim that they focus on these themes to the exclusion of other Biblical themes which are appropriate and perhaps necessary to address in song.

For how many chapters in II Chronicles can we find Southern Gospel songs addressing their themes? (I’ve added chapter summaries to spark ideas.)

  • Chapter 1: God grants Solomon wisdom
  • Chapters 2-5: Construction of Temple
  • Chapter 6: Dedication of Temple; Solomon’s prayer
  • Chapter 7: The Lord’s Glory fills the Temple; God confirms the covenant with Solomon (surely there is more than just one from II Chronicles 7:14)
  • Chapter 7: Who Will Pray (Talley Trio)
  • Chapter 8: Solomon’s enemies defeated
  • Chapter 9: Queen of Sheba visits
  • Chapter 10: Rehoboam; divided kingdom
  • Chapter 11: Rehoboam strengthens Judah
  • Chapter 12: Rehoboam dies
  • Chapter 13: Abijah and Jeroboam war; Abijah dies
  • Chapter 14: Asa
  • Chapter 15: Azariah; Asa puts away idols
  • Chapter 16: Syrians defeated; Asa dies
  • Chapter 17: Jehosaphat
  • Chapters 18-19: Jehosaphat and Ahab
  • Chapter 20: Moab and Ammon defeated; Jehoshaphat dies
  • Chapter 21: Jehoram does evil; Elijah warns him; Jehoram dies
  • Chapter 22: Ahaziah; Athaliah
  • Chapter 23: Jehoiada
  • Chapter 24: Joash; Jehoiada dies; Syria destroys Judah; Joash dies
  • Chapter 25: Amaziah; Israel defeats Judah
  • Chapter 26: Uzziah
  • Chapter 27: Jotham
  • Chapter 28: Ahaz; Judah defeated
  • Chapter 29: Hezekiah; House of God sanctified; Temple worship restored
  • Chapter 30: Passover kept; other feasts kept
  • Chapter 31: High places destroyed; offerings and divisions for Priests
  • Chapter 32: Assyria attacks Israel; Hezekiah dies
  • Chapter 33: Manasseh; Amon
  • Chapter 34: Josiah
  • Chapter 35: Passover kept; Josiah dies
  • Chapter 36: Jerusalem destroyed
What others come to mind?

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