Songs from Esther

This is the seventeenth entry in a series on Songs from the Books of the Bible.

Southern Gospel songs focus on many of the highest themes known to mankind—songs of Salvation, the Cross, the Resurrection, and eternity. But critics claim that they focus on these themes to the exclusion of other Biblical themes which are appropriate and perhaps necessary to address in song.

For how many chapters in Esther can we find Southern Gospel songs addressing their themes? (I’ve added chapter summaries.)

  • Chapter 1: Queen Vashti refuses to appear before King Ahasuerus
  • Chapter 2: King Ahasuerus puts out proclamations for a new queen; Esther is purified and made queen
  • Chapter 3: Haman is promoted; Mordecai does not bow; Haman seeks to destroy Jews
  • Chapter 4: Jews lament; Mordecai charges Esther to intercede
  • Chapter 4:14: For Such a Time as This (Imperials) (allusion using phrase)
  • Chapter 4:14: For Such a Time as This (LordSong) (allusion using phrase)
  • Chapter 5: Esther’s first banquet; Haman plots to kill Mordecai
  • Chapter 6: King decides to honor Mordecai; Haman humiliated
  • Chapter 7: Esther’s second banquet; Haman is hanged
  • Chapter 8: Mordecai is given Haman’s house; the King relents and spares Jews
  • Chapter 9: Jews’ victories on day of destruction; feast of Purim
  • Chapter 10: Fame of Mordecai

What others come to mind?

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  1. No songs coming right now, but did you know that the book of Esther doesn’t even mention God? Though His name is written, His presence is clearly seen.

    • Yes, I have heard a number of preachers and authors mention that. 🙂

    • *Though his name is NOT written, I should have said.

      • I knew what you meant to say! 🙂

  2. Lordsong and Phiilips, Craig, and Dean both do different songs entitled For Such A Time As This. I’m not sure if either of them is the same song the
    Imperials recorded. But neither actually references the story of Esther. Just the phrase For Such A Time As This. So they would be indirect references as well.