Songs from Psalms

This is the nineteenth entry in a series on Songs from the Books of the Bible.

Southern Gospel songs focus on many of the highest themes known to mankind—songs of Salvation, the Cross, the Resurrection, and eternity. But critics claim that they focus on these themes to the exclusion of other Biblical themes which are appropriate and perhaps necessary to address in song.

For how many chapters in Psalms can we find Southern Gospel songs addressing their themes?

  • Chapter 1:3: I Shall Not Be Moved (Statesmen, Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Homecoming Friends, Lewis Family, Blue Ridge Quartet)
  • Chapter 3:1-4: Thou, Oh Lord (Talleys, Sisters)
  • Chapter 5:3: Remember When (McKameys)
  • Chapter 12:6-7: This Blessed Old Book (McKameys)
  • Chapter 16:11: Joy in the Journey (McKameys)
  • Chapter 17:8: Secrets (McKameys)
  • Chapter 17:15: Waiting (McKameys)
  • Chapter 21:6: Joy in the Journey (McKameys)
  • Chapter 23:1: The Lord is My Shepherd (Chuck Wagon Gang)
  • Chapter 23:1: The Lord is My Shepherd (John Berry)
  • Chapter 23:1: God Is My Shepherd (Statesmen)
  • Chapter 23:2: Green Pastures (Dixie Melody Boys, Greenes, Happy Goodmans, Paid in Full, Spencers)
  • Chapter 23:2: In the Shady Green Pastures (Klaudt Indian Family)
  • Chapter 23:2: Beside Still Waters (Mark Trammell Trio, Nelons)
  • Chapter 23:2: Beside Still Waters (Rosie Rozell)
  • Chapter 23:2: Beside Still Waters (Goss Brothers)
  • Chapter 23:2: (In the Valley) He Restoreth My Soul (Rambos, LeFevres, Old Paths)
  • Chapter 23:2: Restore My Soul (Blackwood Brothers, Couriers, Singing Americans, Statesmen)
  • Chapter 23:3: Restore My Soul (Statesmen)
  • Chapter 23:4: Because Jesus Said It (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 23:4: Valley of the Shadow (Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet)
  • Chapter 23:4: In the Valley of the Shadow (Florida B0ys, Wilburns)
  • Chapter 23:4: I Can Feel the Touch of His Hand (Stamps, Masters V)
  • Chapter 23:5: The Master’s Table (Booth Brothers)
  • Chapter 23:5: Your Blesser Ain’t Never Been Blessed (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 23:6: Surely Goodness and Mercy (Blackwood Brothers, Doug Oldham, Inspirations, Speer Family)
  • Chapter 23:6: Surely (Talleys)
  • Chapter 23:6: God Knows How Much Mercy I Need (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 23: Surely Goodness and the Mercies of the Lord (McKameys)
  • Chapter 23: Loving Shepherd, Gracious God (Kingsmen)
  • Chapter 23: A Wonderful Shepherd (Poet Voices)
  • Chapter 23: The Shepherd’s Point of View (McKameys)
  • Chapter 24:7-9: Bethlehem Morning (Gaither Homecoming Friends)
  • Chapter 27:13: Land of Living (Cathedrals, Perrys, Greater Vision, Promise, Inspirations) (or Psalm 52:5, 116:9, or 142:5)
  • Chapter 27:13: Land of the Dying (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
  • Chapter 27:13: Land of the Living (Freemans)
  • Chapter 27:13: I’ve Won (McKameys)
  • Chapter 32:7 (or 119:114): I’ve Found a Hiding Place (Lewis Family with Al Brumley Jr., Cathedrals, Chuck Wagon Gang, Florida Boys, Inspirations, New Gospel Signing Caravan, Rangers Quartet)
  • Chapter 32:7 (or 119:114): He’s My Hiding Place (Bishops)
  • Chapter 32:7 (or 119:114): You Are My Hiding Place (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
  • Chapter 32:7 (or 119:114): My Hiding Place (Gold City)
  • Chapter 32:7 (or 119:114): I Have Found a Hiding Place (Sherrill Nielsen)
  • Chapter 33:11: The Good News (McKameys)
  • Chapter 33:12: We Want America Back (The Steeles)
  • Chapter 34:6: This Poor Man Cried (Gold City)
  • Chapter 40:2: He Lifted Me Out (Primitive Quartet)
  • Chapter 40:2: Remember When (The McKameys)
  • Chapter 46:1: God is Our Refuge (Mountain Faith)
  • Chapter 46:1: My Refuge (Dixie Echoes)
  • Chapter 46:1: There is a Refuge (Blackwood Brothers)
  • Chapter 46:3: The Mountains Will Be Shaken (Down East Boys)
  • Chapter 46:4: There is a River (Greater Vision, Ball Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance, Cathedrals, Cumberland Quartet, Danny Gaither, Dixie Melody Boys, Florida Boys, Gaither Homecoming Friends, Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City, Inspirations, Kingsmen, Promise)
  • Chapter 46:7: Be Still, and Know (not the hymn) (Anchormen, Poet Voices)
  • Chapter 46:7: Be Still, and Know (not the hymn; second song) (Tribute)
  • Chapter 47:1: Clap Your Hands, All Ye People (Perry Sisters)
  • Chapter 50:10: I’m Rich (Gold City)
  • Chapter 51:7: I’d Like To Say It Again (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 51:7: Whiter Than Snow (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 51:10: Create in Me a Clean Heart (Kim Collingsworth) (cover of Keith Green song)
  • Chapter 55:6: Wings of a Dove (Blackwood Brothers, Blue Ridge Quartet, Cathedral Trio, Cathedral Quartet, Dixie Echoes, Dove Brothers, Florida Boys, Harvesters, LeFevres, Spencers, Wally Fowler & the Oak Ridge Quartet)
  • Chapter 55:22: Roll That Burden On Me (McKameys)
  • Chapter 61:2: Lead Me to the Rock (pretty much everyone)
  • Chapter 73:1: God Is So Good To Me (McKameys)
  • Chapter 77:6: You Can Have A Song (Greater Vision)
  • Chapter 86:5: God Is So Good To Me (McKameys)
  • Chapter 90:2: God Has Built a Fortress (Greater Vision)
  • Chapter 90:2: A Mighty Fortress is our God (Martin Luther hymn) (Gold City, Greater Vision, Kim Collingsworth, LeFevres, Roy Webb)
  • Chapter 91: You Are With Me (McKameys)
  • Chapter 92:1: I Sing Praises to Your Name (Kim Collingsworth) (cover of praise song)
  • Chapter 100:1: Make a Joyful Noise (Lanny Wolfe Trio)
  • Chapter 100:1: Let’s Make a Joyful Noise (Speer Family)
  • Chapter 100:4: Into His Presence (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 101:2: A Perfect Heart (Bill Gaither Trio)
  • Chapter 103:1: Bless His Holy Name (Gaither Homecoming Friends)
  • Chapter 103:1: Bless Your Holy Name Again (Dave McVay)
  • Chapter 107:2: Let the Redeemed Say So (Nelons, LeFevres, Hoppers)
  • Chapter 107:2: Let the Redeemed Say So (another song) (Greenes)
  • Chapter 115:1: Not To Us, Oh Lord (Cavaliers Quartet)
  • Chapter 118:22: Cornerstone (Goss Brothers, LordSong, Speer Family)
  • Chapter 119:11: Thy Holy Word (Statement of Faith)
  • Chapter 119:68: He’s So Very Good to Me (McKameys)
  • Chapter 119:105: This Blessed Old Book (McKameys)
  • Chapter 119:105: When He Speaks (McKameys)
  • Chapter 121:1: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills (Blackwood Brothers)
  • Chapter 121:1: Unto the Hills (Florida Boys)
  • Chapter 121:1: I Will Lift My Eyes (Ronnie Booth)
  • Chapter 122:1: Up to the House of Prayer (Rex Nelon, Dixie Echoes, Swanee River Boys)
  • Chapter 122:1: House of Prayer (Dove Brothers – different song)
  • Chapter 122:1: House Of The Lord (Bill Gaither Trio)
  • Chapter 126:5: They That Sow (Bill Gaither Trio)
  • Chapter 126:5: They That Sow (Statesmen, Perfect Heart)
  • Chapter 126:6: Bearing Precious Seed (McKameys)
  • Chapter 126:6: Bringing in the Sheaves (Blackwood Brothers with George Beverly Shea) (hymn)
  • Chapter 130:1: Out of the Depths (Cathedrals)
  • Chapter 139: You Are With Me (McKameys)
  • Chapter 139: I Am A Vessel (McKameys)
  • Chapter 139:23-24: Cleanse Me (Search Me, Oh God) (Cathedrals, Legacy Five, Blackwood Brothers, Blue Ridge Quartet, Couriers, Gospel Singing Caravan, Greater Vision, Klaudt Indian Family)
  • Chapter 139:23-24: Search Me, Lord (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gaither Vocal Band, Oak Ridge Quartet)
  • Chapter 149:3: Mighty The Lord (Cathedrals)

What others come to mind?

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  1. Whoa…you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting here…

    Andrae Crouch’s “Bless His Holy Name,” which has been sung on a few Gaither Homecomings and probably recorded elsewhere in SG too, takes its chorus directly from Psalm 103:1.

    “I Shall Not Be Moved” (multiple songs by that title) is from Psalm 10:6.

    The basis for Jeff Steele’s “The Lord Is Good” is found throughout the Psalms.

    • Thanks! Yes, I probably came up with so many for this one that people looked at it and thought, “That list doesn’t need to be any longer!”

  2. I think the Primitives recorded “He Lifted Me Out,” which comes from Psalm 40:2.

  3. Then there’s “I Can Feel The Touch Of His Hand”, from the Stamps Qt. and The Masters V.
    “Though I walk through the valley with a heavey burden, I can feel the touch of His hand.”

    Perfect Heart did a killer version of “They That Sow.”
    Wes Burke did a blog post about their version.

    Dave McVey did “Bless Your Holy Name Again.”

  4. I’ve heard Squire Parsons say he was working on putting the entire book of Psalms to music. I guess if he succeeds, Psalms will definitely be a book of the bible that is covered by southern gospel music.

  5. I knew there was one I forgot! “This Poor Man Cried,” sung by Gold City, is from Psalm 34:6.

  6. Ronnie Booth covered a Larry Gatlin song, “I Will Lift My Eyes”, on his self-titled CD. Beautiful, beautiful song…

    • Psalm 121, I assume?

      • Psalm 121, KJV. One of my favorites.

      • Thanks!

  7. Psalm 61:2 “Lead Me to the Rock!”

    • Thanks, Brian!

      • Do you happen to know who wrote “Lead Me To The Rock”? I’ve tried researching it, but can find the name. Thanks!

      • SG History says Sheldon Mencer and Cheney Mencer.

      • Thanks! I probably had that at home, but I didn’t have it handy.

      • Thanks guys! For some reason, SG History doesn’t have all the versions linked together, so when I clicked on it, it didn’t show anyone. Thanks again!

  8. Psalm 23:6 Surely (Talleys)

    • Thanks! Should’ve thought of that one!

  9. Just added You Are With Me – McKameys – Psalm 91

  10. Just thought of one for Psalm 1!

    I Shall Not Be Moved (Statesmen, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Lewis Family, Blue Ridge Quartet)

    • The Gaither Homecoming Friends also did I Shall Not Be Moved on the Freedom Band video.

      • Thanks! That was actually the Jeff & Sheri rendition I was referring to! 🙂

  11. Psalms 50:10 – I’m Rich (Gold City)

    “My father owns the cattle on a thousand hills”