Songs from Romans

This is the forty-fifth entry in a series on Songs from the Books of the Bible.

Southern Gospel songs focus on many of the highest themes known to mankind—songs of Salvation, the Cross, the Resurrection, and eternity. But critics claim that they focus on these themes to the exclusion of other Biblical themes which are appropriate and perhaps necessary to address in song.

For how many chapters in Romans can we find Southern Gospel songs addressing their themes?

  • Romans 1:16: I’m Not Ashamed (Inspirations)
  • Romans 1:16: I’m Not Ashamed (Martins) (different song)
  • Romans 1:16: I’m Not Ashamed (Singing Americans) (different song)
  • Romans 1:16: I Am Not Ashamed (Janet Paschal)
  • Romans 1:16: I’m Still Not Ashamed (Greenes)
  • Romans 1:17: Living by Faith (Couriers, Dixie Echoes, Gaither Homecoming Friends, Gospel Singing Jubilee, Greater Vision, Happy Goodmans, Kingsmen, Men of Music, Perrys, Prophets, Homeland Quartet) (see also Habakkuk 2:4, Galatians 3:11, and Hebrews 10:38)
  • Romans 5:6-8: How Could He (McKameys)
  • Romans 5:8: Yet While I Was in my Sin (Daryl Williams Trio)
  • Romans 5:8: While I Was a Sinner (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
  • Romans 5:20: Grace Will Much More Abound (McKameys)
  • Romans 5:20-21: Nothing But Grace (McKameys)
  • Romans 6:4: Raised to Walk (Legacy Five)
  • Romans 6:4: Forgave Me, Saved Me, Raised Me (Triumphant Quartet)
  • Romans 6:9: Death Could Not Hold Him (Wilburns)
  • Romans 6:18-22: The Son Hath Made Me Free (McKameys)
  • Romans 6:23: The Gift of Eternal Life (Kingsmen)
  • Romans 7:14-35: The Man I Used To Be (Cathedrals)
  • Romans 7:22: Inward Man (Cathedrals)
  • Romans 8:1: No Condemnation (Ruppes)
  • Romans 8:2: I Am Free (Mark Trammell Trio)
  • Romans 8:16-17: Who I Am (McKameys)
  • Romans 8:17: I’m a Kingdom Heir (Kingdom Heirs)
  • Romans 8:26: He Hears My Tears (McKameys)
  • Romans 8:28: All Things Work Together For Me (Speer Family)
  • Romans 8:28: God Works All Things For Good (Triumphant Quartet)
  • Romans 8:28: All Things Work Together (Brian Free & Assurance)
  • Romans 8:28: All Things Work Together (Robbie Hiner)
  • Romans 8:28: Romans 8:28 (Cathedrals)
  • Romans 8:31: If God Be For Us (Gold City)
  • Romans 8:37: More than Conquerors (Nelons)
  • Romans 8:38-39: Nothing Can Separate Me (Kingsmen)
  • Romans 8:38-39: Nothing Shall Separate Me (Nelons)
  • Romans 8:38-39: I’ll Let Nothing Separate Me (Imperials)
  • Romans 8:38-39: I’m Persuaded To Believe (Happy Goodmans)
  • Romans 8:38-39: Inseparable (Karen Peck & New River)
  • Romans 10: The Message (McKameys)
  • Romans 10:9: Remember When (McKameys)
  • Romans 10:9-15: That’s How I Got Saved (McKameys)
  • Romans 12:1: Living Sacrifice (New Gaither Vocal Band)
  • Romans 12:1-2: God Doesn’t Think Like Me (McKameys)
  • Romans 12:2: Walking Down Here, Thinking Up There (Cathedrals)
  • Romans 12:15: Weep (Nelons)
  • Romans 14:11: At The Name of Jesus (Cathedrals)

What others come to mind?

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  1. Being the Cathedrals afficionado you are I am surprised you missed one from them. It was on the “Colors of His Love” project and titled “Romans 8:28.”

    • Thanks! With having at least some level of familiarity with over 30,000 SG tracks, it’s amazing how easy it is for even the obvious to escape my gaze once in a while!

  2. MTT’s and Mrs. Dianne’s “I Am Free” has the same theme as much of the Book of Romans, and I have little doubt Mrs. Dianne had it in mind when writing it. The most closely related verse is Romans 8:2, “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” Mark used that verse to introduce the song on their old Stand and Praise the Lord video.

  3. For Ramans 8:38-39, there’s “Inseperable”, recorded by Karen Peck & New River on their release “For His Glory”. (the album that featured “That’s Why They Call It Grace” and “River Of Peace”.) Newcomer Jason Jackson, who replaced John Darwin Rowsey, was featured.

    • I meant to say John Darin Rowsey.

    • Added – thanks!

  4. Also meant to say “Romans”….