3:1 CD Review: Right Now (The Old Paths)

Right Now (The Old Paths)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Daniel Ashmore. Since the Old Paths’ last album, they had a change at the bass position. They found 21-year-old Daniel Ashmore—and what a find! He sings with a warmth and rich resonance which suggest comparisons to Big John Hall or Randy Byrd. He’s already one of our genre’s ten best bass singers, and that’s just at 21. Imagine what a few years of seasoning and experience will add, and this could add up to a breakthrough moment for the group.

2: “The Blood On My Hands”: This is the project’s strongest ballad. Though it was recorded by the Skyline Boys, Jodi Hosterman, who had the feature, left shortly afterwards to join the Inspirations. So it’s essentially as good as new.

3: “God’s Great”: For decades, Sandy Knight has been in the elite class of writers who can can write quartet songs like nobody’s business. This one doesn’t disappoint. The studio rendition is a straight-ahead midtempo cut, but given the energy the Old Paths bring to the live stage, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them tearing up stages with this one live.

:1: More Daniel Ashmore: This recording was probably already in the works when previous bass singer Brandon Barry left suddenly, so it’s entirely understandable that new bass singer Daniel Ashmore really only has one feature song. But he’s one of the best bass singers in our genre, and it would be nice to see more bass features on the Old Paths’ next project.

Traditional or Progressive: Middle of the road, straight-ahead quartet singing, with a preponderance of uptempo songs.

Credits: Produced by: Danny Crawford, The Old Paths. Review copy provided. Group members: Jeremy Peace (tenor), Wayne Rackley (lead), Doug Roark (baritone), Daniel Ashmore (bass).

Song List: Battle Stand; He’s My Song; Woke Up this Morning; Everlasting Yes; I Know My God Can do It; I’m Saved; When It All Starts Happening; The Blood on My Hands; God’s Great; Right Now.

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  1. Nice review, Daniel. I really love this new album and look forward to hearing much more from Daniel Ashmore, too!

  2. Daniel, great article! Great review. Daniel is an amazing bass singer and what is more amazing is the humility of this young man. He is a dear friend and has a love for the lost like few I have seen in several years. He is as smooth as they come and he is only 21. He will do nothing but continually improve. I will say that people need to remember the name “Daniel Ashmore” because they will be hearing his name synonymously with southern gospel for years to come!

  3. I may have to turn in my man card for this, but aren’t they in the same suits/outfits as L5 on the Just Stand album with Frank? Looks pretty close. Not sure if anyone actually cares about such things, but thought I’d share.

    • Hey Chris pretty good catch lol Actually the coats if you seen them in person are more a grey versus L5 more blue coats I stay up on fashion . Guess in the photo they do look more blue with the light blue hanky in the coat.

      However did you catch on our previous recording Wonderful life that L5 released there newest cd Its a Wonderful Life pretty close to what we first released . So I guess we paid them back 🙂

      God Bless
      Tim Rackley

      • I love it! What a comeback! There’s nothing like returning a witty observation with a similarly witty and well-timed comeback! 🙂

  4. I heard the Old Paths this evening for the first time. They were not good at all but “GREAT”. Daniel Ashmore has already become my favorite bass singer. I guess I can be partial if I want to since he is one of my relatives and I am proud of him and glad to claim his kinship. I have not been associated with Southern Gospel as much lately as I have been in the past, and was not aware of so great a talent in a young bass. Daniel realizes that it is all about “HIM” ( The LORD JESUS CHRIST) and not so much about the group. Keep up the great singing guys until HE comes.

  5. For us newer to SG, who is another comparison for Ashmore other than Hall or Byrd? I’m struggling to think of one.

    • I guess Bob Thacker, who sang bass for the Weatherfords in the mid-1960s, would be another example. But I’m not sure I can come up with better examples than the two I named. Hall was with one of the two most popular groups of his generation, the Blackwood Brothers, at the peak of their popularity. Byrd, on the other hand, is a modern-day bass, who was with his group through this year.

  6. Daniel great article and review. I have been associated with The Old Paths since 2010. The first night I heard them I said ” oh what an Awesome group” and just sat there in amazement. They are personal friends to me now, like biological brothers, and are my brothers in Christ. The new CD RIGHT NOW is AWESOME and I haven’t decided which is my favorite yet, they are all great. To all of The Old Paths, you are a blessing to me and everyone that has had a chance to hear you in concert. With this said, you put your Savior Jesus Christ first, and this shows in your ministry to him. You all are true men of God. Everyone can look forward to songs on the CD RIGHT NOW to hit the Singing News Charts and climb their way to the very top ! Way to go TOP you get more and more AWESOME as each day goes by.