Songbook Review: Heaven’s Jubilee: The Songs of G.T. “Dad” Speer and the Speer Family (Gospelfest Ministries)

In last week’s review, we discussed the paucity of new Southern Gospel songbooks. We looked at a new entrant in the field, GospelFest Ministries’ Convention Hallelujahs. The same publisher has also released a collection of Speer Family songs, Heaven’s Jubilee: The Songs of G.T. “Dad” Speer and the Speer Family (available here). Many of the nearly 100 songs in the collection were written by G.T. Speer, and the rest, though not from his pen, were popularized by his family.

The book is more than just a songbook; it’s a commemorative piece. There is a foreword from Bill Gaither, recollections from four family members, dozens of photos, and other biographical and historical information on the family.

This songbook isn’t just for fans of the Speer Family’s vocal performances. The heritage of songs they left to the genre, after more than seventy years on the road, is at least as significant, if not more significant, than the vocal recordings they left behind. The songbook contains quite a few songs that are likely unavailable anywhere else, and probably several that have never before appeared in print form. As such, it is one place worth checking when you are looking for the printed version of a song that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

 Song List: A Better Day; A Loving Friend; Above the Scars; Anchored in Jesus’ Love; Daniel Prayed; God So Loved the World; Going to Glory; Have You Told Anyone About Jesus Lately?; He is Mine and I Am His; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth it All; Heaven’s Getting Nearer; Heaven’s Jubilee; I Am Going Up High; I Am in the Army; I Am Nearing the End of my Journey; I Am On My Way to Heaven; I Can Call Jesus Anytime; I Feel the Love of God; I Have a Longing to See; I Have a Mansion; I Just Began to Live; I Just Humbly Kneel and Pray; I Know My Savior Cares for Me; I Never Shall Forget the Day; I Want to be Ready to Meet Him; If Your Heart is Right; I’ll Fly Away to Home Above; I’ll Have a New Home; I’ll Look Forward to Seeing You; I’ll Meet You up in Heaven; I’ll Say Goodby to This Old World; I’m Bound for that City; I’m Building a Bridge; I’m Feasting on Love; I’m Gonna Take a Ride; I’m Standing on the Solid Rock; In the Shadow; In the Shadow; It Won’t Be Very Long; I’ve a Mansion Way Up Yonder; Jesus is Pleading For You; Lead Me to the Rock; My Happiest Day; My Home Sweet Home; O it Thrills Me; O the Glory Did Roll; Riches in Heaven; Seeking the Sheep; Since I Made up my Mind to go Through; Sing Me a Song About Jesus; Singing on the Glory Road; Some Glad Day; Some Morning Fair; Standing by the River; Sunset is Coming but the Sunrise We’ll See; Sweet Chiming Bells; Sweeter Each Day; That Glad Reunion Day; The Bridegroom is Coming; The Dearest Friend I Ever had; The Hallelujah Chorus; The Happy Singing Band; The Home of the Soul; The Lord Has Set Me Free; The Lord is With Me; The Old Gospel Ship; The Savior of My Soul; There is Cleansing for You and Me; There is Glory Waiting; There’s a Hand Guiding Me; Through the Windows of Heaven; Till we Come to the End of Time; Time has Made a Change; ‘Tis Jesus the Light of the World; Victory Behind the Cloud; We Shall Ride Above the Clouds; Wear a Smile for Jesus; We’ll Sail Away to Our New Home; We’re a Band of Happy Singers; What Will You Do with Jesus; What Wondrous Glory; When I Kneel to Pray; When I Move to My Home; When I Receive my Robe and Crown; When I Was Kneeling to Pray; When the Blessed Lord Comes; When the Home-Gates Open Wide; When We Get to Heaven; When We Meet Him in the Morning; Where Milk and Honey Flow; With Jesus My Lord; Won’t We Be Happy?

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  1. I was given this book several years back and was able to take it to NQC and GOGR when I was with the Echoes and had over 30 signatures added to the inside and outside covers. it is a book that I will always cherish!

    • That is neat! I’ve really enjoyed collecting autographs in a hymnal (though I’ve used my copy of the Church of God red-back.)