Saturday News Roundup #114

Worth Knowing

  • The Mark Trammell Quartet’s “I Want To Know” hit the top of the Singing News weekly chart. (Side note: This is also the first instance I’ve seen in the wild of a group highlighting a Singing News weekly #1 on their website.)
  • Of interest to artists: Sirius/XM wants to dissolve SoundExchange.
  • UPDATE, 2 P.M.: Brandon Reese confirmed on the Kingsmen Fan Club Facebook page that Ernie Phillips’ last concert filling in at tenor was last Sunday; he said a new tenor is in the works.

Worth Reading

  • Eaton & Murray’s take on the new Anchormen album.
  • Legacy Five members share the greatest lessons they’ve learned since joining the group.
  • Diana Brantley’s review of the Rebels Quartet re-debut concert (with videos!) [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.] Here’s Brian Fuson’s take. [EDIT: Broken Link Removed.]
  • Off topic but also worthwhile: R.C. Sproul Jr.’s musings after a fiftieth-anniversary celebration.

Worth Watching

We haven’t had a Dixie Echoes song in a while:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Reading Trey Ivy’s comment on L5’s blog, it sounds as if he’s with the Inspirations.

    Think of Matt Dibler’s story of his first night…… they didn’t pratice on the bus, and Matt was getting nervous. When they’re ready to go on stage, he asks Mike Holecomb about what they’re singing. Matt says Mike gave him a grin, saying “You’ll know what we’re singing when Martin starts palying it”.
    Wish more groups could pull this off!!

    • The Kingsmen were the masters of that. 🙂

      • Yep, them too. On some live recordings, you can hear Jim Hamill call out the song names right before Anthony would start playing it.
        You sure would have to have been on the ball to be with them. Learn to expect the unexpected.
        The thing of it is, they made it look so professional. Like they had consciencly made their stage presence a “planned chaos”, an organized spontanuity.

      • Yeah, but to hear past Kingsmen band members reminisce about the good days, there wasn’t much planned or organized about the chaos! But they pulled it off so well that one might have assumed otherwise!

  2. On another note, here’s some things to ponder.
    I was listening to the Crabb Family’s song “Don’t You Wanna Go”, and got to thinking, what would it sound like if the Statesmen had sang this song?

    If Signature Sound would ever need a lead singer, imagine Ernie hiring another tenor singer to fill the lead positsion. What do you think?
    Imagine them taking a Blackwood Brothers or Statesmen route of extremley high upper harmonies.(James and Jake had extremly high ranges, in comparision to today’s lead singers)
    Or if they keep things keyed like they usually do, and not pursue a “super-high” sound, it could be a good way to give each tenor further longevity in their upper range. They would naturally have the ability to do what the GVB can do with David and Wes, alternating who is singing the actuall tenor part on each song.
    With this imaginary example, who do you think would fill the bill?
    Danny Funderburk was the person I had thought about in the beginning, but I’m not sure about it.
    Anthony Facello came to mind while writing this. His style would fit Signature Sound better than Danny.

    • I think Anthony is pretty happy with his own group, Beyond the Ashes. 🙂

      • But still, he could do it.

  3. Not much is often said about him, but I believe Jennings is one of the best young basses on the road today.

    • I totally agree. I can’t wait till they have a project out featuring him!

      • I knew that was coming, but for some reason I had thought it wasn’t out yet!

      • Oh sweet, its out! Just downloaded it.

  4. UPDATE, 2 P.M., and added to the post above: Brandon Reese confirmed on the Kingsmen Fan Club Facebook page that Ernie Phillips’ last concert filling in at tenor was last Sunday; he said a new tenor is in the works. (Hat tip, Brent.)

    • A new “fill-in” tenor, or a new permanent hire?

    • Never mind! 🙂

  5. The Dixie Echoes recorded a song called “Crumbs From The Table”. I wonder, is it the same one Kirk Talley did with the Cathedrals on “Oh Happy Day” ?

    Right now, I’m hearing “Old Ship of Zion”, from “Chatanooga Live”.
    Man, I missed it. Ernie & the Kingsmen were at the annual sing in Westfall, Ohio 3 Saturdays ago. Wish I’d went. Will have to bug some friends who were there, see if they got to talk to Ernie.
    UGGH!!!!! Darn, I missed it!

    • Yes it is. Listening to it now. VERY good performance by Scoot!

  6. The Kingsmen will be about 2 blocks away from my house on Thursday. I’ll let you know who hits the high notes that night.

  7. Do you realize that the title of this blog is still in morse code and has been since Sunday?

    • Are you talking about the in the logo? The correct file has been returned to the server, but your browser’s cache must be remembering the old one. Try doing a Ctrl-Shift-R for a hard refresh (Cmd-Shift-R on the Mac).

      • I just hard refreshed SGB twice now, and the logo is still quirky, just for your information. I’ll clear our cache to see if that will update the site logo, but wanted to say it’s still in Morse code here as well. 🙂

        -Taylor for TGF

      • Ah, hallelujah. Q-Man, and others: just clear your browsing date (cache), and the SGB logo should return to normal – that is, if hard refreshing didn’t succeed. 🙂

      • That worked, Daniel, but I kind of find myself missing the morse code version now. 😀

      • Hmm. In that event, I’m just not sure that it is possible to make you happy! 🙂

      • LOL. Possible,. yes. Likely to happen, no. 😀