Sony’s Thoughts: He is Risen!

Last night, I watched The Robe, one of my favorite movies which I try to watch every year around Easter. Although based on a novel, there is so much in the movie that provokes thought.

The story is from the perspective of the Roman who crucified Jesus. For quite a while after the crucifixion, this Tribune would have nightmares. He felt he was losing his mind and he decided that the robe he had won by a roll of the die was bewitched. The only way he could get free of the torment he was under was to find the robe and destroy it.

After some searching, he found the robe but, when he held it this time, it gave him peace. He saw that the followers of Jesus were different than the Romans he worked with. The Christians were full of peace and love instead of violence and hatred. At the end of the movie, the Tribune surrendered his life and gave it up in death because of His belief in a resurrected Savior.

As you sing, “I serve a risen Savior; He’s in the world today,” do you think about the truth of that statement? “He is risen” is not just a phrase we say to produce hype. It’s a reality. We serve the only living God who is not only living on Easter Sunday but he’s alive 24/7/365. Do you live as if you believe that? Do you tell others on a daily basis that He is living? Is He so real to you that, if faced with the decision to renounce Christ or to die for Him, you would die for Him knowing that to be absent from the body is to be in His presence? These are questions you should ask yourself now. He gave His life for you. Now He asks you to give your life for Him. Are you willing?

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