Saturday News Roundup #116

Worth Knowing

  • The Harper Family, featured in last week’s video of the week, has signed with Crossroads’ Pisgah Ridge label.
  • Blackwood Quartet tenor Tim Williams has been diagnosed with Temporal Arteris. In a Facebook status update, the group commented that it has left him with “terrible headaches” and requested prayer for healing.

Worth Reading

  • Check out WZZK’s featured artist article on Gold City (hat tip, CH).

Worth Watching

Several videos recently surfaced of the Mark Trammell Quartet with recently returned tenor Eric Phillips:

Also worth watching: Singing News’ backstage look into the making of Legacy Five’s upcoming concept video. Will it prove the truism that making-of videos are every bit as interesting and sometimes more interesting than the finished product?

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. When it comes to male quartets, MTT & L5 are in a league of their own. This is not a comment against any other group of which many I like very much, but MTT & L5 are well worth the price you pay to see them and their recordings are quality… Class Acts!!!

    Thanks for posting the videos.


    • If someone asked me what group(s) reflect a true representation of what traditional Southern Gospel is like, these are two of the first groups I would point to.

      (Don’t let Pat see that you wrote MTT instead of MTQ, it might hurt his feelings 🙂 )

      • Pardon me… MTQ… My slip…


  2. Did you accidentally publish this post yesterday? Because I actually read it in Google Reader yesterday. I thought you might’ve been a day off, but when I tried to go to the post, it had disappeared.

    • Yeah, I had it in the schedule for the wrong day, and it automatically went up. I took it back down within about 60 seconds, maybe two minutes, but Google Reader’s bots had already picked it up! Ah, well! But if you compare the two, you will notice that I made a few changes in the interim. 🙂

  3. Hi Daniel, can you help me? What are the low notes Tim Riley hits in I’m not GIving Up and also in the song I Get Down? Thanks

    • Sorry – I don’t have a piano handy presently.

    • I am not positive, but I think “I’m Not Giving Up” is an Ab and “I Get Down” is a G. He did hit an F# at the end of “What A Glad Day” (doing a gliss) years ago.

  4. Its all good

  5. Thanks Quartet-Man
    I heard the the notes Tim hits in I Get Down were G1s but I know he hits G1s in Gods Building a Church. It just sounds like he’s not even trying in I Get Down. Are they definitely G1s?

  6. Anyone know what has happened to All Quartets Radio (dot com)? Carl Ramsey has not been “on the air” for quite sometime. A few months ago the site was still up and noted he was in a nursing home recovering from an illness. The site is now down completely. Thanks in advance for any information.

    • I haven’t heard. It was a great show, and I’d be sorry to see it go. I also hope he is doing well.

      • Just as a follow up- Finally found a Facebook Page for AQR and a person on there says she called Carl and spoke with him. He is fine, but AQR is gone for good due to financial difficulties. Actually I am not surprised as he always seemed to be on the edge of making ends meet for the station. Sorry to see this end.