Sony’s Thoughts: First Impressions

I’ve heard of the importance of first impressions and I find myself at times wondering what kind of an impression I make on people when I first meet them. Do they think I’m intelligent or stupid? Nice or a snob? Do they feel the love of Jesus, or am I too wrapped up in my own things that they view me as selfish? Then I begin to wonder if how others view me is how I really am or if I’m how I perceive myself, which is sometimes the opposite of what others see. In the midst of my confusion, I remind myself that, ultimately, it doesn’t matter what others see as long as I’m serving the One who does matter. Others may question my motives but I need to make sure everything I do is led by the Holy Spirit. I need to make sure I’m serving with a humble heart as opposed to wanting to be noticed. If I’m kind to someone, I need it to be out of love for that person instead of a need to be treated kindly in return. That’s what Jesus did, and I need to be willing to do that as well.

I’m glad that, when Christ first met me, He didn’t judge me by what He could see at the time but He saw a girl who needed a Daddy, and He could see who I could be once the rough layers were peeled off. I still have times where I wonder why God continues to bear with me. I wouldn’t bear with myself most of the time but He obviously still sees a girl He can use. I praise Him for that.

Thinking of His insight into me makes me want to learn to give that same grace to others. It’s easy to see people who are ravaged by sin and to think they’ll never change but, if God can save me, He can save them. I just need not to let my first impression of them turn me away. I pray God will help me to see others through His eyes. Some of the most well-dressed, joking around people are the loneliest and saddest. Sometimes it’s the ones who seem the most spiritual who have no genuine relationship with God. God doesn’t look on the outside but He looks on the heart. As a human, that’s hard to do but I pray God will continue to help me to grow in that area. May we all strive to not judge first impressions but to look at others with God’s impression.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day, Everyone!

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  1. Beautiful message for a Sunday or any day, with every thought a prayer. Thanks Sony!