Saturday News Roundup #117

Worth Knowing

  • The Dove Awards were given out on Thursday in Atlanta. Because they will be televised, the Gospel Music Association has not published a list of winners yet. However, from social media, here are some winners pertinent to Southern Gospel:
    • Jason Crabb won Artist of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. No, that is not just Southern Gospel artist. That is overall artist of the year. He is the first Southern Gospel nominee in decades to be thus recognized.
    • Long Form Recorded Video of the Year: Fear Not Tomorrow, The Collingsworth Family. Some Dove Awards make no sense. This one does. The DVD, reviewed here, is one of the two strongest Southern Gospel DVDs released since the turn of the century (the other being Greater Vision’s Live at First Baptist Atlanta.) For most Southern Gospel DVDs, where an orchestra appears, it’s on a soundtrack. This one had a live orchestra in addition to a stellar live band.
    • Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year: “Celebrate Me Home,” The Perrys. Also very deserving.
    • Country Song of the Year: “Good Things are Happening,” Karen Peck & New River
    • Country Album of the Year: Dreaming Wide Awake, Doug Anderson
    • Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year: “Mama’s Teaching Angels How to Sing,” The Isaacs, Naturally
    • Bluegrass Album of the Year: Remembering the Rambos, Grassroots Rambos (i.e. Rambo McGuire)
    • Southern Gospel Album of the Year: Reach Out (Karen Peck & New River)
    • Instrumental Album of the Year: Unfailing Love: 20 Worship Songs of Comfort and Peace (Stan Whitmire)
  • Jim Brady and Mark Trammell have joined the National Quartet Convention’s Board of Directors.
  • The Greenes (formerly the Tim Greene Trio) have added a new tenor, Keith Skiles, and a new baritone, Jason Gordon.
  • The second-round Singing News Fan Awards ballot is now open.

Worth Reading

Worth Watching

Legacy Five recently released their first concept video:

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It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. On the concept video: I am amused by the iPad product placement. I wish Apple paid L5 for the privilege of appearing in one of their videos, but I rather suspect they didn’t. 🙂

  2. The site logo is still in Morse code on my computer at work. I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that it will be like that forever.

    • It probably wouldn’t be if you installed a new browser (i.e. Chrome if you’re on Internet Explorer) and started fresh. It’s a cache issue. 🙂

      • I’m already using Chrome. Installing something else would be like buying an 8-track player. 🙂

      • I can totally relate! Though, I would say, that Firefox wouldn’t be going as far backwards as any of the others – it would be like going to a CD player! 🙂

        Ah well, I’ve noticed that Chrome’s cache memory seems to be every bit as long as the others. I suspect that’s part of how it loads pages so much faster than anyone else.

    • Try:,24149-order,4/description.html

      It does an amazing job of removing unwanted files.

      • Actually, the first thing I’d try is Chrome’s own built-in cache flusher: [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.]

        I should have thought of that sooner!)

      • That will probably work, the only problem might be that Google decides what needs to be removed instead of an external app like ccleaner which is non-biased.

  3. Stan Whitmire also won Instrumental album of the year.

    • Cool! Do you know the album name? Without a full published list, at least that I’ve found, it’s incredibly easy to miss something!

    • Thanks, Chris and GMF! I know I could not find a list the next morning; I’m glad it is up now!

  4. Sometime in the recent past, I found the Dove Brother’s “Hold On”, and “I Recall” available as ringtones. After switching phones, I looked again and couldn’t find them. Any suggestions?
    As for other songs, are there any specific websites you’d recommend for getting Southern Gospel ringtones?

    • I think that totally depends on the ringtone provider; I think different phones require different formats.

      • For me, it’s Sprint.

  5. Great blog. Loved the concept video.

  6. Daniel, thanks for the post on the comcept video. I loved that song from the first hearing and it hasn’t gotten old. The video is excellent

    If any of L-5 ever visits the blog, guys that song has made an impact on my church as I used the four points as a sermon outline last Sunday. As my dad used to say, “Son. That’ll preach”. Thanks guys

    • That’ll preach INDEED!

  7. Just now watched the video, and it’s great. Had read the story behind it in the Singing News a few days ago. Glory to GOD! Like the saying goes, that’ll make a Baptist shout!

    Near the 1 minute mark, there’s a man with black hair shaking hands with others leaving. I saw it, and first thought it was Paul Martin, from the Lutheran chruch in Shelby, Oh. (though not likley)
    If it’s not Paul, then who is it?

  8. I love the idea of Trammell and Brady joining the NQC board. Talk about balance. You’ve got one who’s a purist when it comes to great quartet singing, and the other who likes to stretch the boundaries of SG sound. There’s no way you could’ve picked a better duo for the job. Hopefully, this will mean more grass roots and high-end regional groups making it to the big stage. I think it’s the only way to keep the event from growing stagnant.