6 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Now, that brother has a future in network news! Big build-up, followed by a nonsensical question leaving us all with the question of “what just happened?”. I anxiously await the probing follow up of “do you prefer jelly, jam, or none?”.

    Loved Mr French’s facial expression.

  2. “Wears many hats” with a glance at Steve’s hair…I love it.

  3. I simply love it! Josh is a master at MC work in my opinion, and I am not surprised in the least that he is so good in this role! Cant’ wait to see more!

  4. Maybe it was my laptop speakers, or the fact that I live north of Detroit and Josh is a southerner, but what exactly was the question? lol

    • Dan, the probing question was, “Do you like peanut butter?”. Lol

      • Thanks! 🙂