A Dixie Echoes concert: Three Thoughts

The other day—long after I had written and scheduled this morning’s CD review—I found out that the Dixie Echoes were going to be in the area last night. It was a splendid evening. A few thoughts, which I’ll put in a comment instead of their own post to avoid Dixie Echoes overload:

  1. Make no mistake, I love groups that can do great concerts with tracks. But still, there is something to be said for taking a few evenings a year and going out to see a group that does Southern Gospel in the way that our genre’s founders thought it should be done.
  2. Michael Helwig is a great addition on tenor, and Mike Jennings is every bit as good live as he is on CD. Somehow, the Dixie Echoes have managed, in five years’ time, to discover two of the five best bass singers in our genre. That’s no small feat.
  3. The Dixie Echoes have added a “true four-part harmony” section to their program, with Jennings singing a melodic bass part instead of merely replicating the root of the 1/4/5 chords on “If You Know the Lord” and “Roll On Jordan.” This alone is worth the cost of a concert ticket.

If you talk about live music, and wish more groups would do it, make sure to take a few evenings a year and support the groups that still do.

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  1. These guys are fantastic!! Lot of talent in that group.

    • No kidding! For the last year or two, now that Randy Sr. has been playing lead guitar on several songs, they’re alternating between a two-piece band and a three-piece band, and that’s just with one band member who doesn’t sing (much).

      And they can do so much more than they even do on stage, with their studio work. They simply have talent to burn!

  2. Some of my best friends in the whole world. We work with the “Echos” several times per year and they are always a class act. Scoot has bcome one of the finest baritones in the business and one of the nicest guys going. Randy is a great singer and musician, as is Stewart. And the new guys Michael and Mike are simply a great addition to an already wonderful bunch of guys.

    • It is always a delight to hear one group able to speak this highly of another.

  3. They really are fantastic. I had the chance to hear them a few months ago, and they thrilled the crowd as always. Mike Jennings is sure to be known as one of the best if he hangs in there and i hoep he and michael both will. They add alot to what was already a great experience.