3:1 Review: Go Tell the World (Simple Faith)

Go Tell the World (Simple Faith)3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: Song Selection. An album with ten new songs this strong would be incredibly strong for even a mainline group. Simple Faith is a quintet from Northern Ireland, and undoubtedly they do not have access to new songs from the genre’s strongest songwriters. So they did the next-best thing, something I have suggested to any number of groups in their shoes: They picked strong songs that haven’t been overdone or become signature songs. Their taste in this area seems to be solid, as this album covers song after song worth revisiting.

2: “What Did He Ever See in Me”: Most, if not all, of the quintets’ members take solos throughout this anthem. The bass singer(s) offer particularly strong step-out lines.

3: Mercy’s Mark covers. Evidently some Mercy’s Mark CDs made their way over to Northern Ireland! It’s been long enough since Mercy’s Mark’s retirement for their songs to slip from most Southern Gospel fans’ minds, making it a prime window for recuts. Simple Faith brought back three Mercy’s Mark songs, “In Awe,” “His Response,” and “We Shall see Heaven Someday,” and they are three of the project’s stronger tracks.

:1: Strongs: The album would have been stronger with live orchestration. It’s perfectly understandable that only keyboard strings would have been in the budget for a U.S. debut project! The rest of the instrumentation complements the songs and the singers well.

Traditional or Progressive: Middle-of-the-road.

Credits: Produced by: Danny Crawford, Jeremy Peace, The Old Paths. Review copy provided. Group members: Eddie Lister, Paul Cairns, Jonathan Cairns, Glenn McClelland, Johnathan Welsh.

Song List: We Shall See Heaven Someday; I Believe in Prayer; Extraordinary; He Did; Go Tell the World; His Response; When the Mountains Will Not Move; In Awe; God is Good; What Did He Ever See in Me.

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  1. I heard this group sing one song last September in Augusta, Georgia, when they were traveling one weekend with The Old Paths. I really enjoyed their style – and their accents! I’ll order this CD!

  2. Is this going to be on a Crossroads label?

    • No. It’s already released.

      • Hey Daniel, Thankyou so much for your review of our first album in the groups present format-ie with bass added. The review is balanced and positive and we appreciate that you took time to listen to it and comment on it for us. We are hoping to cut another CD soon with Paths Music Group IF we can tie them down for a few days at the studio lol. The Old Paths are very busy right now but we are so looking forward to hooking up with them again soon.
        We intend to do a mini-tour in Georgia early next year so we will let you know when and where.
        Regards Johnathan Welsh ( Bass, Simple Faith)

      • Cool – thanks!

  3. Daniel, thanks for the review, appreciate it.

    The album was recorded with Paths Music Group, Atlanta, GA . An unbelievable experience

    You can get more info on Simple Faith by visiting http://www.simplefaithmusic.net.

    God bless
    Paul Cairns
    Simple Faith

  4. We Shall See Heaven Someday is one of my favorites, written by Roger Horne. It was originally recorded by Gold City, when Jones was the groups pianist/producer. It’s also been covered by the Booth Brothers.

  5. Hey Daniel great review these guys are some of the nicest and sincere people we have ever worked with in ministry thanks for the review . I definitely want you to meet these guys when they come back to the USA .

    Great Vocals !

    Ask Jonathan about the HOOK !

    • Cool! I’d be happy to meet them some time!

      • Hey Daniel, Just in case you didn’t know -the HOOK is a method for bass singers to get real LOW-its not easy and takes practice. I had some coaching from Jeremy Peace of the Old Paths Quartet. Daniel Ashmore is good at it but not sure he needs it as he’s already very low anyway-low at singing that is lol. If you read this Tim hope to see you guys soon again and it would be a bonus to meet Mr. Mount also. Regards Johnathan

      • Hmm – I’d be quite intrigued to see/hear/discuss it in person at some point!

  6. A tenor, teaching a bass? That could be bad.
    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!
    Actually, I know of a bass who is being taught to sing lower, with a 2nd tenor instructing him. The teacher could probably be a group’s 1st tenor.
    So it’s not all that unheard of.
    I’m curious, please inform us more about the HOOK.

    • Hey Quaid, I think you’d be most impressed to hear how the “HOOK” works. Jeremy Peace (Tenor TOPS) showed me as did Daniel Ashmore ( Bass TOPS) but you need constant practice and we (Simple Faith,Northern Ireland) were only with the TOPS for 2 wks singing with them and recording. I think you’d need a good month and then some, of learning and getting used to it. Jeremy, who incidentally has one of the highest and most powerful Tenor voices I’ve ever heard, can actually sing extremely low utilising his technique “the Hook” which is bizarre to see and hear but I’ve witnessed it-he can easily sing down around A and probably get down to G (Thats 3 octaves down from middle C) and sing with volume retaining that richness and tone quality that good basses need to sound good. So there you have it, Regards Johnathan (Bass,Simple Faith)

      • Thank you, Jonathan. I’d be quite intrigued to know.
        I’ve heard that there’s a certain technique London Parris used, taught by, I beleive, Lee Roy Abernathy. Don’t remember right now what it was called, though.
        Gerald Willams made referrence to it in his “Bass-ic Training” DVD.
        If it was the HOOK, I beleive I would have remembered that that was the title.

  7. I also heard Simple Faith sing in Agusta Georgia last September as they were traveling with my friends The Old Paths. As they began to sing it was AWESOME and like Tim Rackley said they are a great group of guys . I am honored to say they are my friends and meeing them,saw the love for the God they serve.I have Go Tell The World CD and I along with many friends, love the CD. I have carried the CD to different Gospel Radio Stations and it is now being played here in the States. I have assisted TOP with their ministry and I plan to also work with Simple Faith along with TOP when they can come back to the States. Way to go Simple Faith, thanks also TOP for helping Simple Faith and getting them here to the States so we can love them also. By the way Jeremy can sing bass,he sounds pretty good but I love his tenor voice the best. Thanks for the review Danielof my new friends and try to meet them when they come back here to the States.