Josh Ball leaves Ball Brothers

The Ball Brothers have announced that younger brother Josh is leaving the group. Since it’s doubtful that I could improve upon their announcement, I’ll just pass it along as-is:


Chickamauga, GA – THE SKY IS FALLING! The previous line was intended to make the following statement less shocking. After 6 years with the Ball Brothers, Joshua Ball has retired . . . at age 26. Josh states, “I was going to resign then it dawned on me that retirement made more sense. The guys will have to pay me until Social Security kicks in. All joking aside, I am leaving the Ball Brothers. I will miss all the friends I have made and I will miss singing and being with the guys, but I am definitely looking forward to spending more time at home. I’ll still be the Ball Brothers “#1 fan” but it won’t be as weird now that I’m no longer in the group.” Daniel Ball said, “Most press releases are boring and void of useful information. I read them . . . then wonder what the “real” story was? In order to avoid unfounded speculation, I will seed speculation with misinformation. We fired Josh because he is our families’ version of “Joseph”. Andrew and I were jealous that he was dad’s favorite so we sold him on ebay and told dad that he was eaten. BAM!!! There’s your story! Seriously . . . We’re saddened that Josh is leaving, but fully support his decision. We are thankful for Josh’s hard work and contributions and look forward to seeing what God has in store for Josh and the Ball Brothers.”

The new Ball Brother will be announced soon!

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(Our sincere apologies to any blog or news editor that has to edit this release.)

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  1. We are going to miss Josh, We have had the guys in concert the last three years and the will be with us this Thursday in our southern venue. This is a great group, often overlooked. I pray they will continue singing and ministering

  2. This is just what they are like in person, too. Great songs and singing and some very funny commentary. The Ball Brothers are wonderful in concert.

  3. That’s gotta be the best press release I’ve ever read.

  4. Nice! “The new Ball Brother will be announced soon.” So I’m guessing someone is having a baby?

  5. Best SG press release ever.

  6. Found this video from last weekend: