LeFevre Quartet signs with Activate Records

Last September, producer Rick Sandige and Oak Tree Productions’ Paul and Tré Corley launched Activate Records. Yesterday, they announced their first major artist signing, the LeFevre Quartet. (The LeFevre Quartet had been with Song Garden until recently; former LeFevre Quartet lead singer David Staton is a Song Garden staff member.)

Here’s a photo of the LeFevre Quartet with Activate staff:

Brandon Barry (Lefevre Qt.), Harold Reed (LeFevre Qt.), Rick Sandidge (Actiate Records), Tre’ Corley (Activate Records), Mike LeFevre ( LeFevre Qt.), Jordan LeFevre (LeFevre Qt.), Paul Corley (Activate Records)

From left to right: Brandon Barry (Lefevre Quartet bass), Harold Reed (LeFevre Quartet tenor), Rick Sandidge (Actiate Records), Tré Corley (Activate Records), Mike LeFevre (LeFevre Quartet baritone), Jordan LeFevre (LeFevre Quartet lead), Paul Corley (Activate Records)

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  1. Interesting move. If I’m not mistaken, the group recorded a table project at Oak Tree Studios, and I think that’s where they are recording their next mainline release. Look for this record label to help the quartet carry on the progressive style of their “Nothin’ But Good” release from Canaan Records.