Ball Brothers hire Chad McCloskey

The Ball Brothers announced about a week ago that bass singer Josh Ball was leaving the group. They have now announced his replacement, Chad McCloskey, and posted this video:

Two items of particular interest: (1) It looks like Cody McVey’s hair is now red. (2) In this song, at least, Daniel Ball is singing bass. He has been the group’s lead singer up to this point. is contacting him for further comment.

UPDATE: From Daniel Ball:

I just sang bass on that particular song and Chad was singing lead.  We hired Chad because of his versatility.  He sang bass on most of the songs his first weekend, but as you can hear from the clip, he has a great range.  We won’t keep him in the basement all the time. =)  We’ll utilize each guy on harmonies depending on who is carrying the melody on each song.  Our goal is to continue and expand on the blends and harmonies that make us different from other quartets.  We’re four vocalist and a pianist.

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  1. The red hair may just be from the stage lights. The tenor has the same look at points throughout the video.

    • It’s the lights. lol

      • OK. Those were quite some lights! 🙂

  2. Lord-willing, we hope to see the Ball Brothers this Sunday evening in Minnesota! We haven’t seen them since 2006, and look forward to hearing the new version of the group in concert. 🙂


    • I can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

  3. I went to church with the McCloskeys and spent much time with their family. His father was a great, positive influence on my singing. They’re dear friends of mine and all of them are great singers. Chad’s got a great voice and Daniel is right, he’s very versatile. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Chad on the road.