Maude Aimee Humbard passes away

Lily Fern Weatherford posted on her Facebook page today that Maude Aimee Humbard has passed away. Maude was the wife of Rex Humbard, the televangelist at the Cathedral of Tomorrow who launched the Weatherfords’ career and formed the Cathedral Trio/Quartet.

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  1. Rex and Maude Aimee were the first TV Pastors/Evangelists that preached and sang the good news that Jesus Saves. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. The most important thing was see people from all walks of life come to a saving knowledge of Christ and then encourage them to get into a local church. Maude Aimee was a great gospel singer all of her life, starting on the radio at an early age – 5 if I’m not mistaken. She was in her prime for several decades 1950’s – 70’s. What an inspiration to see and hear he sing. She knew what she was singing about. It was a gift from God. Rex early on found out that she didn’t know one note from another, but her natural, beautiful voice with the anointing from the Lord was unparalleled. Rex and Maude Aimee are again together forever. I loved them so much. Praying for peace, comfort and strength for the family.

  2. She is singing in the Son today!

    Wonder how old she was. I remember watching her and Rex on tv as a little child and she seemed old to me then. Of course, everyone over 15 seems old to a child.

    She will be missed.

  3. Do you have any information regarding the Memorial Service for Maude Amy Saturday. If so, please send to my email as I want to attend. Thanks.

  4. I knew and loved Rex and Maude Amiee well having been employed at the Cathedral of Tomorrow in Akron ,Ohio.
    They were great Christians and had a love to see people receive Christ .Rex was one of the most honest T.V.Preachers
    on the tube.They have moved up higher and are happy at their reunion.

    Bobby Clark

  5. My family and I knew Rex and Maude Aimee very well. My family were with them when theCatheral was built.
    I sang in the choir, their ministry was wonderfull. We knew Rex Jr and Donnie well. However I do not know if
    the boys would remember the Laube family. I moved to San Diego and married a wonderful christian man, Norman.
    Norm went home to be with the Lord last July. I know that Rex and Maude are now together. I pray that all of their
    children are well and happy. Norm and I used to watch their program here in San Diego. GOD BLESS THEIR FAMILY.

    Love in Christ, Barbara

    • Thanks for sharing your memories!

  6. I often think about the Humbards. I loved them and their ministry so much. Oh, how I miss their ministry. Will see them and my dad in heaven some day. I loved how Maude Aimie wiuld sing a beautiful song entitled, “DON’ IT MAKE YOU WANT TO GO HOME?” It was almost like I was in hesven when she sang. I sang with the Tensley Family growing up and we appreciated good, Christ centered music. If I could get inf. Regarding the afore-mentioned song, I would be so grateful. With all of the ungodliness and abominable acts the world and some professing Christianity, is accepting today, the anything goes mentality, it is so good to know that the Lord’s word is still true. God’s love and his word are going to last forever. May God bless His faithful followers. Jesus is coming soon and let us keep our lamps trimmed and burning brightly. Love, GLO