Saturday News Roundup #121

Worth Knowing

  • Tim Duncan’s son Breck, who was injured in a head-on collision last week, continues to recover. Tim posted a surgery update on Facebook yesterday evening: “Brecks surgery went well. He had broken every bone in is face plus his eye orbits. They were able to repair everything. The surgeons said everything fit back perfectly and they even took pictures of what they are calling thier masterpiece! They said they were shocked at how easy the surgery was! He does have his jaws wired shut. He isn’t happy but he said he is trying to keep a good attitude! I know it is God hearing all the prayers on his behalf! We can’t say thank you enough!!”
  • Former Melody Boys baritone Steven Hickinbotham has joined Spoken 4 Quartet. Former baritone Jeremy Wilkerson, a founding member of Spoken 4, left at the end of 2011. J.D. Miller had filled in in the interim. (Hat tip, Lauren.)
  • Blackwood Legacy has hired Paul Secord as their new tenor.
  • Departing Dixie Echoes pianist Stewart Varnado is doing a clearance sale on his instrumental CDs at his website. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] He is also selling quite a few Southern Gospel CDs and LPs he’s collected through the years (though you would have to contact him through Facebook or his website’s contact form for details.)

Worth Reading

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of the Collingsworth Family singing “That’s the Place I’m Longing to Go” last weekend:

(Here’s a video from the same event, “At Calvary.”)

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. It looks like Courtney is the one missing in this video, so I would think Olivia would be singing her part. Either way, I love the Collingsworth Family, and they have become my favorite mixed group.

    • Oops! You’re right! My eyes played a trick on me!

  2. Nothing but beautiful.

    • Almost sounds as if Stewart is leaving Southern Gospel all together. Isn’t he a part owner of the NQC? Will he still be promoting concerts?

      • Yes, he is a part owner of the NQC. No, he’s not leaving Southern Gospel altogether; he will remain active in a number of concert promotional activities, including the Memphis Quartet Show.

  3. Yeah, this was at the Great Western FanFest and Courtney had flown back home to be at her husbands college graduation. I happened to be at the right place at the right time and got to pick them both up from our local airport just in time for their concert with us. And as expected, the concert was phenomenal.

  4. Copied from Libby Perry Stuffle from around 7 hours ago:

    Urgent Prayer Request for Jeff Steele from his daughter Kayla:This is Kayla, Dad took a serious fall into a concrete wall and down brick steps due to a possible stroke. Dont know for sure,but he has been admitted to the hospital for testing and observance.The hospital isnt allowing visitors but we appreciate your prayers.

    • Q-M, I actually added that to my draft of tomorrow morning’s #122 early this morning. But I hadn’t thought of posting it as a comment here, so thanks for thinking of that!

  5. I have good news! I just noticed (don’t know how long since it changed) that I no longer have Morse code at the top of the page for your blog! I think it was still there as recently as a week ago.

    • Great! Cache issues generally clear themselves up eventually.