Whisnants claim yet another #1

The January 2007 Singing News radio airplay chart, which will run in the January issue of Singing News, will feature the Whisnants with yet another #1 hit, “Thank God for Grace.” Unless I’m missing one, this is their sixth #1 hit, joining “Is Anything Too Hard for God,” “What You Took From Me,” “The Next Time That You See Me,” “God’s Bigger than That,” and “Nail it to the Cross.”

For whatever it is worth, the Whisnants have now had as many #1 hits as the Cathedrals have had; the Cathedrals had six over their career, “Step Into the Water,” “Can He Could He Would He,” “Boundless Love,” “I Can See the Hand,” “Wedding Music,” and “He Made a Change.” But, all told, the Cathedrals’ hits spent 19 months at the top of the charts. It will be a while before the Whisnants catch up to that!

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  1. You left out “New Day Dawning”.

  2. Good point. My apologies for the admission.

    I didn’t have all of my data accessible when I was writing that post, and was working partly from old data and partly from memory.