Saturday News Roundup #122

Worth Knowing

  • Jeff Steele’s family is requesting prayer for his health. Jeff, who led The Steeles until their retirement several years ago, fell down a concrete wall and down brick steps. He has been admitted to the hospital to determine if the fall was caused by a stroke. (Via Libbi Stuffle on Facebook.) (UPDATE, 2:04 P.M.) Jeff Steele is doing better enough that he posted this update on Facebook: “I have been in an information ‘black hole’ since Thursday evening when my incident took place. Doc said I could have this one chance. Thank you to Wesley and Trevor and Brad. You guys saved my life! I was talking to my friend Ashley Franks when she says my speech got slurred and I became incoherent! Ash I love you sweetie just DON’T tell em what I said!! LOL. Thanks to all of u who are praying for me. This is a lot more serious than I thought and I FEEL your prayers. Thank you so, so much. I love, love, love you all!! I am overwhelmed!”
  • Aaron Swain recently went to see Promise in concert, recording quite a few videos, posted here.

Worth Reading

  • Southern Gospel Critique terms the new Barry Rowland & Deliverance project as the best of the year, so far. Check out the review. (My review is scheduled for early next month, but this review touches on several areas mine doesn’t.)
  • Whether you agree or disagree, Friday Night Revival’s case for a one-hour Compassion pitch at NQC is a must-read.
  • Somewhat off-topic, but relevant to today’s culture: Randy Alcorn’s column on why we should not become desensitized to profanity in the entertainment we consume.

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of the new Kingsmen lineup, with tenor Chris Jenkins and lead singer Bob Sellers:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Let me first say, the hour should be taken figuratively. The point is not the hour, but the response within the allotted time.

    • Yes; I probably didn’t stress that enough (though I’m not entirely sure how I could have done so, in the space of one sentence!

  2. Was there some big Southern Gospel news this week that I missed?

    • There was going to be, but in Gerald Wolfe’s words, it “fizzled.”

  3. Hope this is an open thread . . . I would like to invite you, Daniel and all the SGBlogites to visit Good News Music Radio with Woody Wright. – I would even invite a review of the program. It is a weekly syndicated radio program, but the weekly airings can be heard by clicking the “programs” link on the page.

    Interesting thing for me is that my biggest job is reading scripture. All the programs have a theme, and the music, interviews and commentary are thematic. We have interviewed everyone from Bill Gaither to Joe Bonsall, to Karen Peck, Connie Hopper and many others! Also, we have a new mascot, “Howdy Neighbor” the Southern Gospel English Bulldog who makes regular appearances on the Good News Music Radio Facebook page.

    Would love to hear feedback from any and all listeners!
    Woody Wright

    • Good News Music Radio with Woody Wright FaceBook link . . . .

      • Woody,
        I listened to episode 1, “Fight The Good Fight.” I love the show’s format and music selection.

        I’m not so crazy about the website, though, especially the player. “Pause” doesn’t. If you click Play after pausing, it instead goes back to the beginning of the episode.

        Also, it appears the episodes are listed in reverse order. I notice Episode 2 features Part 3 of an interview with Jason Crabb, for example, followed by Part 2 in Episode 3 and Part 1 in Episode 4.

        Did Howdy Neighbor have anything to do with the website design?

    • Sure – that’s certainly within the limits of what would be pertinent in a Southern Gospel open thread! Very neat; I’ll plan to check that link out some time!

  4. One of the best versions of the Judgement I have heard. Now, I did like Garry Sheppard’s version as well, but the acappella rendition here is quite impressive.
    I hope I spelled Garry’s name right!

    • I believe you did spell it right!

  5. Hi Daniel. Long time no talk to. I recently listened to the new Oak Ridge Boys Back Home Again cd. I love the music and the songs. Just wondering.. Is Richard Sterban losing his depth as a bass singer. It kinda seems like it. Thanks

    • In all likelihood, they just didn’t have any particularly challenging arrangements on this particular CD.

  6. That’s some darn-good singing by the K-Men.

  7. DBM – The temporary player is used for smart phones. Still tweaking that for computer listening. Thanks for the kind words about the program, but don’t go kicking my dog around. . . he might turn on you! ;0)

    If you are in or anywhere near Louisville on Oct. 27, our Good News Music Radio concert will host Russ Taff, Buddy Greene, Reggie and Ladye Smith, Rachel West Kramer, Palmetto State Quartet, Woody and Vonnie Wright – with a live band AND it will be a live video taping. No way to actually say how cool this night will be! Hope you can make it!

  8. Daniel. I went to the Goodwill in Reidsville North Carolina today and looked at old records I found two that I bought. They are Gospel Caravan with the Lefevres with Rex Nelon, and the Johnson Sisters, and Blue Ridge Quartet with George Younce. Are these rare?

    • I’d rank them medium. They’re neither as popular as one of the best-selling Blackwood Brothers or Statesmen albums, but they’re also not as rare as the most highly-desired collectors’ items, like the Blackwood Brothers’ 1952 Favorite Gospel Songs and Spirituals or the two Cathedral Trio albums.

      • Medium rare? Steak on your mind?

      • No, it wasn’t. I dislike steak so deeply that I don’t really know what a medium rare steak is, versus an extra rare, or whatever the equivalent be!

  9. I still feel like I found a treasure. 😀 one of them is scratched kinda bad. Not sure it will play