Saturday News Roundup #25 and Open Thread

The 1983 vs. 2003 radio charts survey is still open. There are 164 responses so far—so far, so good! I’ll close the poll some time next week and post an analysis of the results (probably with the raw numbers if anyone wants them).

In the news:

  • The Keetons have hired Jim Sheldon as their new baritone singer. Sheldon hails from Danville, KY and had previously sung with the Solid Rock Quartet, the Cokers, and Calvary’s Hill Quartet. Dan Keeton said: “After such an extensive search, it’s refreshing to find someone with a heart like Jim. We’ve tried him out on the folks and people have over-whelming approved! We are honored to have him with The Keetons.”
  • I see I’m not alone: Adam Edwards also gives Cross 4 Crowns’ major-label debut 5 of 5 stars.

Here are reviews to look for in the coming weeks (dates subject to change, as I do have several left to write):

  • October 14: The First 25 Years (Phil Cross and Friends)
  • October 17: DVD – Live at Freedom Hall (Perrys)
  • October 21: Live From the Alabama Theatre (Kingsmen)
  • October 24: DVD – Your Ticket to Music Hall (Collingsworth Family)
  • October 28: Heaven’s Headlines (Keetons)
  • October 31: DVD – Personal (Kim Collingsworth)
  • November 4: Until Now (Gerald Wolfe) (and yes, that’s Election Day)
  • November 7: Reminiscing (Chuck Wagon Gang)
  • November 7: DVD – Live in Concert Kings Mountain, NC (Chuck Wagon Gang)
  • November 11: A New Day (The Browns)
  • November 14: DVD – Caribbean Live (Tribute Quartet)
  • November 21: DVD – Hymn Sing 1 and 2 (Liberty Quartet)
  • November 28: DVD – Live (Mike LeFevre Quartet)
  • December 5: A Classic Canaan Christmas (Various Artists)
  • December 12: December (Mercy’s Well)
  • December 19: Destination Heaven (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • December 26: Ain’t Nobody (Soul’d Out Quartet)
  • January 2: Easier to Live (Voices Won)

Finally, consider the comments section an open thread. I figure if I open this up once a week, perhaps we can do a little better keeping the rest of the threads on topic.

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  1. I’ll be eager to see your thoughts on Tribute Quartet’s DVD. I wasn’t really impressed with it; I’ve seen a regular concert of theirs and liked it much better than the one on the DVD.

  2. Well, don’t hold your breath, since that one doesn’t go up for a while! 🙂

    I do think their concerts have improved noticeably since their first Canaan CD came out. Even though I’m not crazy about every single track on that project, several will make great additions to their program.

    The group has a couple of years to go, and needs a couple more strong songs and albums, before being able to put on a hit-filled program like Greater Vision or Gold City does now.

    But they’ve made several long strides forward in that direction over the last few years.

  3. I saw that the Hairie Family was on the August ’03 chart in the poll. You don’t hear anything out of them now: what happended to them? The group disbanded, I assume?

  4. Tribute Quartet has never been on Canaan Records…

  5. I knew that. Thanks for catching my error, though – for some reason, the Mike LeFevre Quartet was on my mind, and that was the group I was commenting on.

    Oddly, though, my same overall observations hold true for Triumphant Tribute. They are a couple hit songs away from a really strong live program. They have a good program now, but I think they’ll just be getting better over the next few years.

  6. #5: Do you mean Tribute instead of Triumphant? I think Triumphant already has a really strong live program!

  7. Yes, Tribute. Wow, I just can’t get things right in this particular open thread!

    Think I’d better switch to lurking. 😮

  8. Daniel I am interested to hear what you think about the Browns new project, I have heard it and I am very impressed, I have all of their stuff and this is the best by far. (IMHO)

  9. Well, I’ll just come right out and say I agree with you that it’s their best to date.

    There aren’t any big ballads (like “When We See Christ,”) and I do miss those, but it is a solid project. 🙂