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  1. My vote is for Jack Daniels.

  2. Wonder if this is the “big news” Gerald Wolfe was referring to… Either way, count me surprised.

    • Well, I guess it would be big news if the Homecoming Tour hires Gerald as their pianist – he’s one of the best in the genre, after all – and put Greater Vision on the tour as regulars. 🙂

      No, I don’t think that’s happening, but that would be quite a story! 🙂

      • You’re not kidding! 🙂

        If he would take the job, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like Tim Parton get hired. He’s already done work on Gaither productions before, and he is a great accompanist and arranger, so the benefit would be twofold.

      • Tim would provide quiet, dignified brilliance. 🙂

  3. Does anyone know why Gordon is leaving?

    • Oh, I’m guessing that it’s just that he is so much in demand as a studio session player that he can keep as busy as he would like without leaving Nashville.

  4. One guy who did stuff in the earlier years with Gaither was Geron Davis. But I think hes been doing mostly P&W/CCM stuff lately.

    Maybe Bill will move to the piano, and Gene McDonald will slide into Bill’s part.

    • Or what about Stewart?

      • That has crossed my mind. He would definitely bring a different feel, but I know it’s a feel I would love to hear on the Gaither Tour!

    • P&W/CCM=YUCK!!!!!!

      • That’s mature…

    • I truly love Gene MacDonald!! That would be awesome.

  5. I vote for my buddy Channing Eleton to get that job!

    • Much like I said of Tim Parton above, Channing would provide a quiet, dignified brilliance.

      • I know Channing and he would be great.Great friend of mine.

  6. Bill moving to piano? Don’t think so…..but then again ‘ why not’ ?

    • 🙂

  7. Someone needs to call Taco….

    • I love that idea, Kyle!!

  8. I was thinking it might be Stan Whitmire. Afterall he does all Lowery ‘s solo dates

    • Yes, that would be a possibility – though, had he really wanted the job, he probably could have thrown his hat in the ring before this point, since he has had Homecoming-level connections for a number of years.

  9. Anthony Burger was one of a kind and not replaceable. However, Gordon brought his own spin to it. There have been several good names brought up here and I could probably say nice things about them all. Some of the players above are very good at their styles, but I wonder how they would do with the more rollicking, bombastic pieces Gaither can do at times. I did like Geron on “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is” on the Christmas Homecoming (original) and I think I have heard him on other ones. David Hutsinger used to play for them and was good at what he did. With the names above, the variety of styles and the need for the arranging of various styles, I think Kyle’s choice of Garry Jones is about as good as it gets for this job. I admit though, many of the pianists I know above I have heard in certain styles mostly and they might be able to (or have done) more than I have heard.

  10. Only the good Lord knows. As we need to remember. He chooses what is right. So He knows but He wants to give the Gaithers the right timing that’s all. Whoever gets the gig, will have such a cushy gig.

  11. Id say folks are going to be surprised!

    • I’d guess that Bill Gaither will either bring in an unknown or do it himself. Since the announcement says that Gordon Mote will still being doing major Gaither events, asking a top-tier musician like Tim Parton or Channing Eleton to just do the workhorse stuff and leave the major events to Gordon seems a little, well, cheesy. This would be a perfect opportunity, though, for a player unknown to the general SG audience to get some world-class exposure while also allowing him to gain experience with a multitude of different musical styles. As for Bill doing it himself, once upon a time he did a lot of his emceeing with his fingers on the piano keys; he just might be having a craving to go back to his roots. And no reason he couldn’t still sing with GVB and play too; Southern Gospel isn’t exactly lacking in precedents for it!

      • I’d be surprised if he meant that Gordon would be accompanying the GVB at those major events. He’ll probably just be another solo act on the artist roster, so that shouldn’t affect Gaither from hiring a top-tier musician.

      • Agreed. I anticipate seeing Mote being a featured soloist at these events, much like Guy Penrod or Russ Taff.

  12. I hate to see Gordon Mote leave. It doesen’t seem like he has been there that long. I would like to see Stan Whtimare on the piano. He is really good.

  13. Anthony Burger was too young to leave this world for rhe Heavenly Band! I guess God needed his special talents, as mentioned above, ‘unreplaceable’! However, Gordon is exceptional and improves at every performance. He is in great demand as we saw at a Houston concert…..another pianist had to sit beside him in the middle of a song and take over the ivory. Gordon was leaving to catch a plane to Nashville for an Alan Jackson recording session the next morning. I don’t see Bill taking over permanently as his fingers are in every aspect of the Gaither concerts. He would do well though……talk about a special talent! God bless you all!

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    In south africa we don’t get yoir music as easy as we would like to. Yes, anthony has passed on to a better place, but will always be part of so many tapings and he will be in our hearts. I dont know all the pianists, but if gordon is still gonna be around, what about andre kroqch? (sorry for wrong spelling).
    Get a word in that we battle to get yoir sg music here, and we dont all understand paypal and things, guessed wright, me and my friends.
    May the Lord shower you with His blessings and use the gift for the right reasons. I love the booth brothers, lynda, karen peck,isaacs, bluegrass, nitty gritty band, legacy five, (no music since roger passed on) and the gerald woolfe guys, sorry cant get the name. But thank you for ebriching our lives, definately mine. When you 80% bedridden, this carries you through. Writer of the blog, memory impaired, forgive me. Why do they sing yeah yeah last past years, i feel it is not Godly. It is like saying yip iso hallo, afternoon.regards in Jesus

    • Maud, I am also South African and I am sure you can get most of the Southern Gospel music at Cum Books – they also do mail order.

      • thank you very much jeanette, i will contact them. God Bless. Maud