Story of the Day: Dan Keeton

From Dan Keeton’s latest email newsletter:

I have been thinking, now that NQC 2008 is over and we have had time to reflect on what was accomplished, tonight, I received this email….

Dear Keetons,

My name is Jeff and I work for the State of Kentucky down in Louisville…

I was working one day down in the dumpsters area cleaning up all the trash on the ground & outside of the dumpsters where all the trash goes after each big show that comes in down here in Louisville. I was cleaning & spotted some Christian CD’s in the trash, But I found them all & cleaned them off and took them home with me and listened to all of them.

For years I have been running from Lord, this song (Answer for the Lost) in the trash “reached out” and it touched my sinner’s heart & I cried out to the Jesus… I went to my Moms & Dads church, and after church my baby-brother prayed with me & I gave my whole life to the Lord Jesus on 9-21-08…

I thank the Lord for helping me find your CD & for the song (Answer for the Lost) “that helped me get back home” ..

Thank you,

Some people have dreams of being on the “main stage”. Some have aspirations of being the next BIG thing. Let it be known, if this is what happens, Dan Keeton hopes more of his CDs make it to the trash.

(Reprinted by permission.)

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  1. What a fantastic attitude and heart. I will have to give his music listen – he sounds like part of a group I would want to support.

  2. Wow!

    What a blessing. Great Story!