Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases, June 2012

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon/Crossroads, Sonlite/Crossroads, Vine/Crossroads, Gaither Music Group/EMI CMG, Stow Town/Provident/Integrity, New Haven/Provident/Integrity, Song Garden, Homeland, The Mansion Entertainment, and major independent group releases where known.

June 2012

  • 6/19: In the Savior’s Hands, The Inspirations (Horizon / Crossroads)
  • 6/19: Precious Seed, The McKameys (Horizon / Crossroads)
  • 6/19: Make Mine the Real Thing, Barry Rowland and Deliverance (Crossroads)
  • 6/19: God Bless the USA CD/DVD, Gaither Homecoming Friends (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)
  • 6/19: Gospel Gems, Oak Ridge Boys (AAO Music / Fontana / EMI CMG)
  • 6/19: Piano Inspirations, Stan Whitmire (Spring Hill / Green Hill / EMI CMG)

July 2012

  • 7/3: Anything is Possible, Brian Free & Assurance (Daywind) (audio CD from DVD release)
  • 7/3: Celebrate Me Home, Perrys (Daywind) (audio CD from DVD release)
  • 7/3: Whatcha Need, Mark Lowry (Daywind) (audio CD from DVD release)
  • 7/17: Based on a True Story, The Akins (Sonlite / Crossroads)
  • 7/17: Songs I Grew Up Singing, Gordon Mote (New Haven / Provident/Integrity)
  • 7/31: Top 12 Southern Gospel Songs of 2012 (New Haven / Provident/Integrity)
  • 7/31: ‘Til the Storm Passes By, Lynda Randle (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)

Is this list missing anything significant, especially among major independent releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. That BR&D CD came out May 15th, unless I’m missing something here.

    • It came out digitally in May, but according to the best information I have, June 19th is its retail street date.

      • Ah…my whole world is digital these days, so I wasn’t even aware of the difference. Carry on!

      • No problem, and you do raise an interesting point. There is a pretty good chance that digital release date is pertinent for more readers now than retail street date.

      • Well, that is a good point, but I am a CD man and will continue to be one as long as I can. 🙂 I went to CD in 1987, so I wasn’t the first, but I recognized the benefits of them. I can see how downloads have their benefits too, but just don’t prefer them. 🙂

      • My family used tapes for the longest time! I think my first CD was in 2001!

  2. Precious Seed by the McKameys has actually been out in CD format for a couple of weeks too. I have it in my collection.

    • Even if a group carries a CD on the road prior to a retail release date, that doesn’t mean you can get it from anywhere besides the group prior to its actual release date.

      • It’s in stock at my local Christian bookstore!

  3. If New Haven is releasing a “Top 12 Songs of 2012” cd this year, then why did Singing News have the readers eliminate two of those songs to make a Top 10? SN may have decided to do this for the awards ceremony when the songs will be performed. This still seemed a bit odd. Of the “Top 12” songs, “Homecoming Day” (Tribute) and “He’s Everything I Need” (Kingsmen) were eliminated in the latest round of voting.

    • Good question. I’m puzzled and have no idea.

      Well, actually, I do have an idea. For them to line up all the licenses etc. and have the CD ready to hit the streets by its usual target date (which is, I do believe, prior to the awards ceremony), they probably had to have the CD finalized before the second ballot’s results. That doesn’t explain why SN narrowed down songs, though.

  4. Is that Stan Whitmire CD a re-release? He’s already got an album titled Piano Inspirations that came out in 2006.