Southern Gospel LP Swap #2

Some sites make it relatively easy to swap books and CDs. But I have yet to find something similar for Southern Gospel LPs. So I occasionally set aside a day and a post here for this.

We post the duplicates we have, and, optionally, the ones we seek. Since not all LPs have the same value, we indicate whether we would swap it for, say, 1, 2, or 3 others, rating a common LP as 1 and a rare one as 3. (If it’s worth more than 3, just sell it on eBay!)

[Outdated list removed—check out the latest LP swap post.]
Here’s what I’m looking for.
Anyone else interested in jumping in this month?

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  1. Hey Daniel I will be going thru my collection of albums(1200) this evening and will get back to you. Can’t beleve ths didn’t go like gangbusters last time. It is a great Idea. I am sure many collectors have duplicates. I do just because I do a lot of thrift staoes and flea markets. buy any and all southern Gospel albums weather I need them or not. Sometimes one has a skip on it in a spot where the other doesn’t so when I record them on my computer and clean them to make cd’s It helps if there are no skips. I wonder if a websiye built just for this would get many hits

    • Nicholas, I’ll be watching for that! I think it just takes time for people to go through collections and find duplicates. I knew exchanges would trickle in over time, and I hope to build this column over time.

      This site has enough visitors that I think more people would see it here than if I launched a separate site.

  2. Great list…. do you know of anybody that has any old hinson records for sell? They are sooo hard to find. I don’t have any duplicates to swap with you… would you be interested in selling any of them?

    • There are often Hinson records on eBay.

      While my preference is to swap these for something that I’m really interested in, I suppose I’d consider selling them. Feel free to shoot me an email with the ones you’re interested in, and how much you’d be willing to pay for them, to:


  4. can you list your doubles?

    • I did; were you asking that of someone else?

  5. OK, I’ve removed the Kingdom Heirs duplicate CD, the Gold City LP, and the Masters V LP from my list. A Facebook friend noticed the list and set up a swap. 🙂