Crabb Family update

Just when you think that the Crabb family story could not get any more confusing, a new twist comes out. Kelly Crabb Bowling left the Crabb family a few weeks ago to join her husband (Mike Bowling) in the Mike Bowling group. She did say that she would sing with her family at any concerts in which both groups are booked. Aaron Crabb’s wife Amanda also got on the Bowling Group bus on a temporary basis, to fill in until Mike could find a permanent replacement.
However, unless the Mike Bowling Group is booked at every Crabb Family concert, this will leave them without Kelly at some concerts. In response to the question of what they would do then, a poster on the Singing News boards said yesterday that Amanda Crabb will sing in Kelly Crabb Bowling’s place. Problem is, she’s also singing with the Mike Bowling Group right now, as well.

I guess that what all of this boils down to is that Mike Bowling needs to find himself some permanent singers–soon.

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  1. Having seen The Mike Bowling group several weeks ago I do know that Amanda Crab was singing with them at that time. She is about 6 months pregnate so I have a feeling she will not be there for very much longer. He does need to find some one to stay with the group so they can settle into a program and be able to jell together with their singing. The program was OK but did need work which time together will take care of.