Sony’s Thoughts: Moving Forward in the Midst of Grief

Yesterday was a sad day as some friends of ours watched their 16-month-old son leave their arms to arrive in the arms of Jesus. I can only imagine the intense grief they’re going through but, as I scanned their Facebook page and saw the pages of notes, pictures, Scriptures, etc., I praised God for His Family. During a tragedy like this, I don’t always know what to say but God knows how to minister to people and He gives words when needed. Sometimes He simply provides a hug for those who are hurting. Even people who didn’t know this family took time to leave a note to say they were praying. What a blessing!

Friends, that’s how the Family of God should be. So often, we get wrapped up in our own little worlds, our worlds of self-pity, but there are many going through tragedies worse than yours. That realization doesn’t make the pain lessen but sometimes it’s helpful to put things into perspective. If you are hurting today, cling to God’s grace. Ask Him to help you to move forward so that you can minister to others who are hurting. Don’t allow your grief to render you ineffective. God desires to use you. Simply take His hand and allow Him to lead you. Once you surrender to Him, He will lead you past your past and past your present to the glorious future He has in store for you. Once you begin following Him, you will never be the same.

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