Michael Helwig leaves Dixie Echoes

Michael Helwig announced his departure from the Dixie Echoes on Facebook (login required):

I would like to announce that my tenure with the dixie echoes has come to an end. I would like to thank Stewart Varnado for the leadership he showed in the group and the element of professionalism he brought to the stage and to the business end of things.

His future plans will be announced soon.

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  1. Michael Helwig’s comment and Stewart Varnado’s resignation seem to indicate a difference of opinion on the direction of the Dixie Echoes. The group has gone through a lot of personnel in the last year. I hope they can regroup and continue their ministry.

  2. WOW…

  3. Whatever happens, I hope they stick with the style they’ve done over the past few years. My twelve year old son became a huge fan during the Pat Barker/Wesley Smith era. They were quite refreshing in contrast to all the groups that use canned music, not to mention those that are gravitating toward the jangly G chord contemporary praise and worship style.

  4. Wow.

  5. I have been in touch with Randy Shelnut Jr. (Scoot); he confirmed that the Dixie Echoes will find fill-ins and keep all their dates.

  6. Do you think Michael and Stewart may start their own group?

  7. I’m not starting a group with anyone. I am simply coming off the road. Been very busy this week selling tickets for the Memphis Quartet Show. I look forward to time at home.
    I do wish Randy & Scoot the best. I had no idea when I turned in my notice that they would be losing more members. However, I will still be with the group thru June 16, at the Suwannee River Jubilee.

    I am still in business with Scoot on the Gospel Jubilee Cruise. All is well between me and the Shelnut’s. I don’t want any speculation there. I’ve grew up with them and they are like family to me. They know that if they ever need a fill-in in a pinch, I’ll hop on the bus anytime.

  8. Thanks Stewart, for giving us all the facts. That’s so good of you to do that.