Guy Penrod takes hiatus from GVB posted a press release announcing that Guy Penrod is taking a multi-week sabbatical from the Gaither Vocal Band. His part will be filled by David Phelps, Mark Lowry, and Jason Crabb. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

This story suggests many possible responses, but so far, from what I’ve seen, two are predominant in online discussion so far:

(1) What will Jason Crabb sound like in a male quartet setting?

(2) Penrod’s wide fanbase—along with everyone who likes to see continuity and personnel stability in Southern Gospel’s forefront groups—hopes that this is just a few weeks, and not due to any vocal troubles or other reasons that might make it extend longer.

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  1. I attended a Gaither Concert in Columbus,GA last night. Lowry was fulling in. He actually sang the baritone part and Marshall jumped to lead. In fact, Gordon Mote sang some of Guy’s lead parts on a few of their newer songs. The concert was very good, however, you could tell that something was missing. To top it off, Wes appeared to have a cold or something. I think he sang one verse to one song and I thought he pulled back a little bit. Again, he sounded good… you could just tell that he was having problems. Marshall ended up taking the lead on one of the verses that I imagine Wes would have usually sung. Again, great concert… no complaints, at all. It was the quality we are used to hearing from Gaither. Gaither did said that Guy was taking a few months off.

  2. Interesting, if Andrew heard correctly, then it has gone from a few weeks to a few months…Guy is going to be greatly missed. Without Phelps, Guy was “da man” with the Gaither Vocal Band. All the others are just really good singers, nothing really special like Phelps and Penrod. (Just one mans opinion, of course…)

  3. I see over on the SN forums that someone else thought they heard Gaither say 3 months.

    • I think it will be 8 months (if he ever returns, except for “special reunions”) because Guy is NOT going to be on the Hawaii Gospel Cruise in mid-August. And I’m so disappointed about that. The group seems “okay” to me but not spectacular, as it was with Guy Penrod. That said, I do respect & wish him success with his solo work and probably he’ll have more time for his wonderful family.

  4. My wife and I are very disappointed that Guy is not
    with GVB right now. We have been very blessed by his
    music, and are praying that God will give him what he needs
    during this time.

    • Hope and pray that Guy just needs a little time off. This great Christian and fun loving man will be sorely missed! I hope all messages are being read by Guy and his family. I understand that he has a large loving family, may be Dad is just needed at home at this time.

  5. Is Guy still on a sabbatical? I see Mark Lowry is scheduled to be with the Homecoming group for the next few months, but David Phelp’s schedule isn’t posted.

  6. Looks like Guy is out. According to David Phelp’s website, the new GVB members are: David Phelps, Bill Gaither, Wes Hampton, Michael English and Mark Lowry.

    It was great having Guy sing with them for so long on so many great songs. He’ll be missed.

  7. Desperately ‘searching’ to see what’s going on with Guy and just found this on another website:

    Daniel Mount has the scoop. Guy Penrod is leaving the Gaither Vocal Band to record a solo Country project. Speculation regarding Penrod’s departure have been kicked around since he took a hiatus from the GVB in October.

  8. My husband and i were disappointed that Guy Penrod woud leave his gospel music following to record a country CD. I know there is some good country music but not the majority. He has such a presence and a seemingly great devotion to singing for the Lord, what a terrible talent to waste on “somebody did somebody wrong songs”! Guy, We hope this is what you think God has told you to do, if so, God bless!!!!

    • I think family friendly specifically means non-“somebody did something wrong” songs. Plus, for all we know, he may still be doing some or even largely Gospel.

    • I can’t imagine God telling anyone to leave gospel music and sharing the Gospel to make a country CD. I’m praying for Guy and hope he is not stepping out on his faith. He has a great anointing, straight from God. It was be a disaster for anyone to walk away from that.

  9. I read on Bll Gaither’s website that Guy is leaving permanently. My heart is broken. He is such an inspiring person and he adds so much to GVB. I also read that Marshall Hall is leaving. In my opinion, this was the best group of singers that GVB has ever had. The chemistry was so great and you could tell that these guys loved each other and were enjoying singing together. I will truly miss Guy and Marshall.

    • Amen to that….When Guy sings….you could see the presence of God around him and feel it also…What a wonderful gift God has blessed him with….

  10. Guy – you will be missed – the interaction with the group is so special – it will be hard not seeing you with Gaither Music – hopefully just for awhile.

  11. I would like to thank Guy’s family for sharing him with us for so many years. All of us have been blessed by their sacrifice. When Guy was on the road, I’m sure his wife had quite a load to carry. I admire Guy and his wife for making this difficult decision. I also want to applaud them for putting family first. You can never get back your children’s childhood. There’s just a small window when they are in your home and growing up. God isn’t finished with Guy Penrod. I look forward to what is ahead for his whole family. Who knows? Maybe they will buy a bus and have their own music ministry.

    Father’s best to the Penrod family….

  12. I’ve read on a few different sites that Marshall Hall didn’t want to leave, it was Bill’s idea to revamp ansd Marshall was let go! Is this true?

    • Oh my I have just begun to listen to them seriously this year. Guy was facinating and a huge part of GVB! I pray that reunions are soon and permanent for Guy and Marshall.

    • Any idea where Marshall hall went to carry on with his work? How do I keep in touch with his singing and also Guy Penrod’s singing; It felt so so great to hear Guy,Marshall,Wes and Bill’s singing. Their has a way of making me feel relaxed happy and blessed. There’s a saying: “Nothing ever stays the same”, for ever what the reasoning is they are missed.

      • Marshall Hall is a worship leader in Arizona, and a soloist with Daywind Records.

  13. I can’t believe that Guy is not going to be singing gospel! I am hoping that maybe this is just a one time country cd. I’ve followed Guy since day one with the GVB and he has grown so much! I hope he uses his voice for the one that gave it to him! I know in his “Best of Guy Penrod” DVD, he talks about how much he loves country…….but I would hope and pray that he stays with God’s songs.

  14. On Marsh, nobody who knows is talking. A lot of people assume that he was fired, but it is just an assumption and it wouldn’t be the first time a lot of people have been wrong.

    The only person who might know is someone who posted on another site and apparently works in radio promotion for the group’s singles – he said Marsh told Gaither he wanted to leave to focus more efforts on songwriting and producing.

  15. I am still in a deep dark sad place regarding the changes to the Vocal Band. The thought of Guy not being a part of it takes the heart right out of my decade long love affair with them. There are no adequate words to describe my sense of loss, and grief in already missing Guy Penrod. And even if I could accept Guy leaving (and I can’t!), what is with ousting Marshall Hall??? Next to Guy, he was the guy! I did love David and Mark when they were with the band, and it will be great to see more of them, but honestly, I can’t get excited about the new group, especially without Guy. All the thanks in the world to him for the blessing he has been in my life, and I pray all of Heaven’s best on him and his family in the future, and for Marshall, too! Sometimes the best things come out of change… or so I keep telling myself! Do keep us posted on whatever is known about Guy & Marshall~ thanks!

  16. I agree totally with Lisa Buell above. Good luck to Guy and Marshall – we’ll miss you terribly.

  17. I am saddened by Guy leaving, he us by far the best vocalist ever! I do love hearing Dave Phelps too!! I think the best sound ever was Guy, Mark, Dave and Bill. Marshall Hall is a great vocalist, and when he joined I think aside from the comedy, they chose wisely after Russ left. I hope that God blesses all of them. I hope we hear from Guy soon as to what his plans are as to what music he will be singing, I only pray rthat it will stay God’s work. Good luck to all of them!

  18. I’m just going to say God Bless to all of them! As long as they stay in God’s will, he will provide.

  19. I echo the remarks above — the GVB just won’t be the same without Guy. I am sure the sacrifices he and his family made were overwhelming. And I applaude him for making the change if it is for his family life. But, he will certainly be missed. I was at a concert in San Jose, CA with my friend who had just been through cancer surgery. Guy took the time to talk with us and encourage her and pray, and then he let me take his picture with her. What a gracious man of God! May the Lord bless you, Guy and Angie!

  20. I agree with everyone’s comments as to how much Guy will be missed. His heart, his smile, and his dedication to the Savior were always evident in his annointed singing and in his interaction with those attended the concerts. May God continue to bless you and your precious family, Guy! You’re the best!

  21. The GVB will not be the same without Guy Penrod. I love his singing with the band. His love of family is so inspirational. I wish him only the best with his life. God be with him.

  22. Has anyone heard anything about what Guy Penrod is actually doing.
    Is there a website for him? I have tickets for one of the April Gaither concerts, and I am going to miss him not being there. He is the main reason I bought them. I love all the music, but Guy always seemed so in tune with God and everyone around him.

  23. I hope and pray that Guy will ALWAYS continue to put GOD first…He is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard. But with a wife and 8 kids I’m sure he needed some long overdue family time. Can’t blame him for that! But, he will certainly be missed..Mark, David,and Mike all have had time away from the GVB, but they are back and sounding as good as ever…God’s blessing for Guy,his wife and kids! Who knows, we heard his kids sing on The Best of Guy Penrod…maybe there’s a chance on a new group! Anyway…God’s Blessing on his entire family and the future…..

  24. I have really hoped the rumors I had heard since about October, 2008 about Guy taking a sabbatical were just that, and the he would be coming back to the GVB. I have loved his singing, his smile, his wonderful love of the Lord that just radiated from him when he sang for 14 years. He has always been one of my favorite singers and I watched for him every week as I watched The Gaither Hour on tv on Saturday night. I have VHFs, DVDs and CDs of the many Homecomings and the ones featuring Guy. I will truly miss him. I feel he is such a person that he will only go where the Lord leads him. God bless him in the time ahead. He will be missed!!!

  25. I’m So sorry to hear Guy is leaving the Vocal Band. He was t TRUE blessing. God bless him in his next venture. HE WILL BE MISSED!!!!! Sincerly Joann

  26. I am 72 years old and I just recently discovered Guy Penrod on Bill Gaither’s Reunion programs. His singing moved me so greatly, he could pull me right up to my feet, praising God. If I had have been there I might have stormed the stage. I am so devastated that he is no longer with Bill Gaither. I don’t want to lose track of him – I already purchased his video/cd. I will be a fan of his for the rest of my life.

  27. When I opened the Homecoming Magazine today I was facing the departure of Guy Penrod. To me he is truly a man of God. I have been so moved by his ministry and his gift of song with the Vocal Band. I’m afraid the group will not be the same without Guy. Blessings on Guy, Angie and the entire family. Rev. Janet

  28. The news that Guy has left the Gaither Vocal Band has brought such saddness to me. Guy has ministered to me in so many ways at times when I needed to sense again the presence of the Lord. God’s blessings on Guy, Angie and the family. The Band won’t be the same. Rev. Janet

  29. Have you seen the latest issue of Homecoming Mag? Bill Gaither issued a one sentence statement re Guy leaving. You would think that 14 years of carrying the Vocal Band would deserve more. I am wondering if the Reunion had anything to do with Guy and Marshall leaving. You know Bill might have deceided to bring back Mark, Michael and David and have an eightsome that Guy and Marshall objected to. I just do not understand the lack of comments from Bill and Gloria Gaither.

  30. Maybe Bill is not free to talk about what all has went on behind the seans! Maybe it would do more harm than good for everyone to know the whole story! But don’t worry about guy leaving im sure he will be back with gaither within a few short years. Cause that’s how the gvb roll’s now day’s lol God Bless!!!

  31. I would just as soon not even go to a concert for Gaithers if there’s no Guy Penrod there. He seemed the most sincere in his singing, and his voice was incredible. Cannot find a website for him.

  32. This morning was the first I heard of Guy leaving. He was my favorite part of GVB. What a voice! I wish him well in a solo career but would love to see him back with GVB eventually.

  33. We saw the Gaither’s perform in Evansville,Indiana several times, and gosh, Guy, you will greatly missed by all who enjoyed your singing and that smile.
    Please, think about coming back to the GVB before too long, we will be praying for your return.
    God Love You,
    Faye and family

  34. It is sad about Marshall Hall and Guy Penrod leaving the GVB.
    It seems that every thing in the world today has a big business ring to it. Including the Gaither Organization.
    I am glad that Wes Hampton is still there. He still lends young blood to the band. David Phelps will continue to Wow everyone with his music. BUT. In this day and age when Young people are hard to get involved in Christian activities, I do not think that a good DCN was made to let Marhshall and Guy Leave. My prayers go with them. I will miss the Holland America Alaska trip……..and go in september when the cost will be less. I will hear the quintet another time.

  35. Guy Penrod is a GREAT singer, But in my opinion he can’t compare to David Phelps. Instead of condemning the Gaithers for not giving Guy’s leaving much hype, we must give the Gaithers thanks for allowing us the priviledge of hearing his voice all these years. Country singers are a dime a dozen, but REALLY good gospel singers are hard to find! I look forward to having David, Mark, and Michael return.

  36. He’ll be back in September.

  37. I totally agree with Jackie Baraniak’s post on april 14th and kudos to Gaither for bringing back David, Mark, and Michael!! My family has always loved the GVB including Guy and he will be sorely missed. Hopefully, he’ll return eventually. But we are eagerly waiting for the 2009 GVB. And I’ll be one of the first to purchase their first cd!! Bill has always and continues to have the magic touch with gospel music. God bless them all.

    • I don’t know anything for sure except what I read. I do think Guy is a blessing to listen to and I don’t think he left for selfish reasons. There was probably a lot of reasons that he left. I believe he wants to spend more time with family, he may want to try a record deal or maybe he just needs to be in Gods will and we don’t know what that is either but God does. I will certainly miss him and his ministry through music. I will miss Hall too. I think that music combination was the best I’ve heard. Maybe Guy will come back, I hope so.

  38. I was saddened to hear that Guy and Marsh are no longer with the Gaither Vocal Band. I love them all.
    I will miss Guy so much, his voice is so strong and the spirit of God just flows through his music and his expressions.
    I am very happy to see Mark, Michael and David back BUT it would be great to have had them all stay.
    I love Michael’s singing. I have read his book a couple of times and know of the problems that he has had and I praise God that he has come home where God wants him.
    He is a blessing to those of us who love good gospel music and espcially coming out of someone with such a great voice.
    Michael can really sing those songs and especially of freedom from the past and of God’s love since he has and is living with it. He knows first hand all about the love and forgiveness of the Father.
    We all know but some more than others, it seems like he has really been to the bottom and praise God he looked up and asked for help and forgiveness.
    I love Mark, he is a hoot and of course David has an awesome voice BUT I do have to say that I will miss Guy and it is an ultimate loss to the vocal band and also to we the fans.
    Guy is wonderful and I pray that he will eventually come back to us and not in country. I’m sure he would do good in that and he loves it BUT we his fans love his worshipping God music.
    I enjoyed Marshall’s music and on the Vocal Bands Reunions with most of the prior members of the vocal band I loved Marsh singing “When I Cry.” Wow that is such a beautiful song and he did a great job on it.
    May God bless and keep them all and may He bless us in the future by giving them back to us.

    • my feelings exactly. May God have His hands on all of them.

  39. I too was saddened to hear of Guy leaving the GVB, however I truly believe that if God is calling him to this arena of music, then that is where Guy needs to be. Although I don’t listen to a lot of country music, several family members do, and there have been many times that the lyrics of certain songs have touched them deeply and have helped them make better choices in life as well as even possibly a deeper walk with the Lord. I believe we as brothers and sisters in Christ need to keep Guy in our prayers. We know that Satan would love nothing better than to damage the testimony of a believer, and we need to pray that Guy will always keep God front and center, and that he willl be sensitive to God’s leading wherever that will be. (Incidently, we should be praying for all of God’s ambassadors out there in whatever capacity they are in.)

  40. # 39 He, meaning Guy? How do you he will be back in

  41. Let me try this again. # 39 Were you referring to Guy coming back in September? If so, how do you know this? Would appreciate the info.

  42. I continue to pray for the Penrod family and there is no words to express my love for this Godly family and aI continue to pray God will keep a hedge of protection around this family moment by moment I pray I get to meet them again before I go home. God is so good Thank you Guy and Angela forbeing who you are and Bless you always.

  43. I was so socked that Guy Penrod leave the GVB and is replced by Michel English,always prayed and wish that he’ll be back and continiually share God’s love through music,
    may God Bless in his service through the Music Ministry of the Gaither vocal band!!

  44. I have always liked the gvb but the gvb loss will be countrys gain also country got it start in Gospel so may they need Guys light to shine there

  45. We just saw the GVB last week and they were awesome. I was almost dreading it because of the absence of Guy. But the concert was fantastic. Phelps, Lowry and English were all just wonderful. And of course Wes added his wonderful voice to the mix. I hope God blesses all of them and that Guy continues to keep God first.

  46. I am a retired pastor and Guy has in many ways been a shepherd to me through some difficult times. I expect that he is going to focus on his family, but if he reads these posts I would also hope that he recognizes the genuine ministry he has in people’s lives. While Bill has always been a very solid leader, guy has brought a spiritual depth to the group. I would love to see guy develop his own tour which focuses upon evangelism and renewal.

  47. Guy Penrod will be in Branson for his first solo concert on Aug. 30th. He will be at the Music City Center theater. I’ve had my tickets for almost a month. It’s part of a summer gospel series.

  48. I was first introduced to the GVB by a friend shortly after my husband passed.Since then I have followed them by concerts & reading every thing I could,you might say I fell in love with the group.Even thru their changes.But this last one is the winner.It is taking 3 men to make up for loosing 2.I like Mark,Michael & David they all have beautiful voices.But if David is going to stay,buy the man a razor & find him a good groomer.I guess the thing that bothers me the most is the run-a-round we are getting Re:Guy
    is he resting,going on his own,or has he gone country?Would someone PLEASE tell the truth ?

  49. I have to agree with you about the razor! LOL If you go back to the Heaven set of videos, David has medium length hair and no full beard and he looked awesome! Now, he always looks like to just got out of bed first thing in the morning. Ugh!

  50. This is so weird! I havee been having a bad week and all I ahve done is watch and listen to Youtube’s songs and video’s of Jessy Dixon and Guy Penrod. I am so saddened if Guy is gone and does anyone know if Jessy Dixon is still associated with the Gaithers?

  51. Please bring Guy back! He is wonderful and his smile and voice are are just what we need.

  52. Yes, Jesse is still with the Gaithers.

  53. In response to gaithergirl ,I have to agree with you Re:David.When he first joined the group he was one good looking guy.But it seems like the longer he was with GVB the more he tried to be like Guy. NEWSFLASH there never has been & never will be anouther Guy.Just wish we knew if he will ever be back without Guy they just “ain’t” what they should be.Personally speaking I think the last group,Guy, Mash,Wes & Bill was the best group Bill ever put togeather.

    • I agree with Faye — I think the last group with Guy, Marsh, Wes and Bill was the best yet. Their harmony was wonderful!!! I am missing Guy already and have found that I am not as interested in the GVB as I have always been. I too hope the very best for Guy and Marsh.

      • I agree — the best GVB I have ever heard was Guy, Marshall, Wes, and Bill (actually, I also think that the Gaither Trio was far superior to any of the GVH’s other than the one named above). When Guy and Marshall left (for whatever reasons), I figured I would shift my primary interest to Ernie Haas and Signature Sound — then Haas loses his piano player, his bass singer and his lead singer. Ooops! Who is up next??

      • Who is up next?

        Check out the Collingsworth Family and the Mark Trammell Quartet.

  54. Faye, hopefully Guy is on schedule and his C.D. will be out by the end of the month…I said, hopefully! We will just have to wait and see.

  55. Has anyone tuned into the Gaither Net page ? I tuned in last night there is a sample of the GVB new DVD,The only problem I saw was the GVB group was not shown at all.I read in The Homecoming mag. that Marsh has a contract with Daywind.May God bless him & I am looking forward to his first release.

    • Actually, that’s a video clip of an upcoming Homecoming release taped somewhere around two years ago, not the new Vocal Band taping.

  56. Hey guys, GUY’S BACK! He now has a page on! This is as new as today. Go to the site, click on members and type his name in the search box! Lots of his own family snapshots and an entry from Guy himself!
    He says his website will be up soon, and his C.D. available for order!

  57. Yippee!! Thanks for the heads up!

  58. Direct Link: [EDIT, 6/4/12: Broken link removed.]

  59. Without Guy and Marshall in the GVB is like a kettle of soup lacking
    some thing…In my opinion some one erred in not trying to keep
    them…Again I say bravo to their performance that I did enjoy…
    God bless them again and again…In Christain love…Joe Sahadi

  60. I just finished watching many YouTube videos of Guy Penrod. Without him I don’t believe the GVB will be the same. Guy has been a favorite of mine for years and he will be missed. His faith shines through every song he sings; his voice truly comes from God. I was glad to learn later that he will continue to sing. Nothing beats a good gospel song but country comes second best. Whatever type of music Guy continues in, he will be the greatest.

  61. I do not understand why this happened and personally I do not agree with it. I am a big Penrod fan, and I hope that he comes back to the Gaither Vocal Band. It is not the same as it was.
    If Guy reads this I would like a response.

    Thank you,

    Kathy Akins

  62. I was sad to hear about Guy leaving as well as Marshall, but recently saw the new group in concert and I had to admit I loved them just the same. David was fantastic.

    • I agree that the loss of Guy Penrod is unfortunate. He is awesome; however, as long as David is back, I am happy. Bill could retire and I’d be OK with that. The most perfect group would be Mark, David, Guy, Wes

      • I’d trade David for Michael any day of the week!

  63. If Guy and Marsh leave the band I will be sorry to see them go. They are both quite special. However, so are all the others both past and present. I trust Bill and Gloria to make no decision lightly as they are both very godly leaders. So , by the way, is Guy and his Angie seems to be of the same calibre so I think we can safely assume they have made the right decision for this time. God bless them. As to the comments on David’s hair and beard … not my concern frankly. Keep the main thing the main thing. All I care about is his walk with God and his fantastic voice.Bill and Gloria may God keep you doing a great job for many years yet.

  64. i am a new computer person and was delighted to find a web set that has songs by the GVB. I enjoy listening to their songs and will miss Guys beautiful voice.HE and
    david make beautiful music .Itruely hope he comes back.

  65. I am so sorry that Guy and Marshall will no longer be part of the group…I have been a Gaither-watcher for years and feel that the group of Bill, Guy, Marshall and Wes was the greatest of them all. But love the music! So will continue to listen, watch and pray for each and everyone of them.

  66. Just got home from the Myrtle Beach Fest. [..edit…] Guy Penrod contributed so much to the group as did Marshall. I was glad to see David Phelps back. but without Guy, I just did not enjoy the concert nearly as much as previously. [edit]

  67. Guy Penrod has a presence that has never been replaced. When he sings it is like the Lord himself is there. If anyone could ever instill in you faith through song, it is Guy. Hope and pray that he will be back soon…..

  68. I saw Guy on TBN the other day doing a solo concert. It wasn’t very good. It was different… but that’s not what I mean. He actually sounded rough. It was almost like he couldn’t hear or something. He was singing in a baritone range. It wasn’t the Guy that everyone is used to hearing. In fact, this wouldn’t have impressed anyone.

  69. Very true Andrew…some vocalists are just much better when singing with a group. Nobody should panic though…Guy will do well and the GVB will do well. And I’m certain that Guy will always be welcomed back just as Bill welcomed Michael back.

  70. When is that sabbatical ends for Guy? By Gods sake we want to see the long hair guy back to the group. We can still see his gape there. Blessings…..

  71. I am sad to her Guy Penrod has left GVB he was a real blessing to me and my family. Thank you Guy for the years you were part of our lives with your singing. God blessed us tremendously with your time with the Gaithers. May you go in the direction God calls you and always stay in his Grace. Thank you God and Mrs. Penrod for allowing us to have the pleasure of enjoying Guy’s Christian Ministry. Many Blessings to you and your family. Thank you Gaithers for having a Christian family we all can be a part of. God’s blessing for more great worship.

  72. When I saw Guy Penrod speaking while sitting on a rock at the Jerusalem concert I thought of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus was ordinary looking. I’m sure the Beauty of Jesus was in the love in His eyes and on his face. So too, Guy has so much love in his eyes and on his face. I think that’s how Jesus must have been. I will miss Guy, but I wish him and his family well. I will continue to be inspired by his songs.

  73. The “About” section on his website doesn’t make it sound like he is coming back anytime soon.

    ” “I haven’t changed a lick—I just wanted a fresh wrapper,” he notes. “What’s ‘new’ is the prospective that the music is fresh and different than what I was doing with the Vocal Band.”

    He is on tour till April ’10 and Gaithers tour till May…maybe theres a glimpse of hope he will return after they wrap it up!

  74. I have never seen Guy in person, but he sure has blessed me. I hope he will come back soon. I do not know how long he could be gone but I hope it isn’t long. I will pray for him and continue to be a fan. If someone knows more about how long he would possibly be gone please let me know.

    • Kathy – do check out Guy’s website for info on his solo career. He is as brilliant as ever!

  75. Guy Penrod is our generation’s Glen Payne. I love the spirit that both of these men brought to their performances !

  76. Guy Penrod in the backbone and the spiritual leader of the GVB. When it was Guy, Mark , David and Bill , that was when the glory of the Lord would fall where ever than sang. Your ministry is so appointed by the HOly Spirit. I trust it is a short time away. I am sure that is hard on family, yourself as you give of youself 110% EVERY NIGHT. I trust this will be a time of allowing the stress of traveling, etc and that you and Jesut Christ, the Holy Spirit will work a spiritual renewal in your life.
    you will truely be missed by myself , as tears flow down my cheeks. LOVE YOU GUY PENROD !!!!!

    • David – Guy has a wonderful new solo career. He has produced a solo CD and is brilliant. His voice is better than ever. He is full of the Spirit and determined to shine for Christ. Check out his website

  77. I’m in the large group of Guy Penrod fans who are saddened by his depature from GVB but what an exciting change for Mr. Penrod. From what I read on his website, his first solo album will be released in stores on February 23rd and I can’t wait to hear it. I would never think for one second that this spiritually and musically gifted man would leave his faith behind and his website confirms that as well. What glorious possibilities for him to bring others into God’s Kingdom through his musical talents. Best of luck, Mr. Penrod. May our good Lord continue to bless you and your family!

  78. In October of 2004 my husband and I were in Alaska. On the tram we saw Guy Penrod, wife and a young son. They permitted us to take a picture of the three of them. I would like to send them a picture of the three of them we were allowed to take. Is there a PO Box for Gaithers or Penrod that I would be allowed to mail this picture. Sandra Lohrmann , Northern California

  79. Guy Penrod touches my heart. The look in his eyes is amazing. David Phelps has a voice that is out of this world. Recently saw him in concert-fantastic!!
    Would love to have both of them with GVB.

  80. I really enjoy seeing Mark Lowry back with the group. hope he will be a regular again. Although I miss seeing Guy Penrod with the group. I pray that everything is alright and he will be back very soon. love his voice and what he adds to the group.

  81. Gaither Vocal Band isn’t the same without Guy Penrod.
    Sure hope he plans to return to GVB soon.

  82. I was sad to see Guy Penrod leave the GVB, but I believe he is following his heart in what God wants him to do. I love the GVB and had the honor to sing in a choir with them and Bill conducting of course, in the 1980’s. The group itself brings a whole different dimension to Gospel music. David Phelps has the voice of and angel, but, Guy has always been my favorite, I believe he sings with such conviction. God Bless them all. I will see Guy in concert this Saturday evening and am so excited !

  83. Just saw Guy last night at the first stop of his new tour with Austin’s Bridge in Aiken, SC. They were all very good. It was not a huge crowd so we all felt like we were his personal guests. He made it a true worship service. (and he likes to preach!)

  84. I’m so glad to hear that someone was Guy with his new tour and that it was so very good. I, too, was sad when he left the GVB and friends. But I pray that all goes well for everyone.

  85. Guy has been blessing my soul and i hope he will be back. I love Phelps too and mash Hall, Wes too I just wish all well but above all, exalting Jesus thru their singing and bringing Lords presence in many peoples homes.. Love u guys. God bless.

  86. My husband & I were surprised when we saw and heard the new GVB. It is not the same.
    We enjoyed the vocal that Guy added to the group, and also the update on his christian wife and children. We know he is needed at home and they follow God’s will for their family. We were at the Springfield, IL event when he had to leave early for the birth of a son. I’m sorry, but the new GVB is not what we want.God Bless Guy and Angie and your family.

  87. Karen, for one thing you likely saw them when Michael was gone or when he doesn’t have his voice back. Nonetheless, it is perfectly natural to have favorites and preferences. I missed a whole lot of people who left the group (John Mohr, Gary McSpadden, Michael English, Mark Lowry, and David Phelps to name a few. Same thing with Guy. However, I think this current group is sort of a super group. With that said, I was as thrilled with the new project as some and admittedly each person’s voice is a bit different than when they left (but that is understandable with the time that has elapsed and their not singing in the group for a while.)

  88. please remove me at this time, thanks

  89. please remove me at this time, thanks

    • You do not have a membership on this site, so there is no membership to remove. No worries!

  90. On August 6 I was at the concert of Guy Penrod in Holland, All he showed in singing and talking was about the Love of Jesus. It was a wonderful concert, we were very blessed! Afterwards he talked with everyone who wanted to take a picture of him. I’m so happy with the picture with my head next to his long grey hair!!(I’m 67)
    He really is a man of God and I’ve already 10 DVD’s of the GVB. I love the song Home with Guy, Marsh, Wes, Bill and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Together. It’s all about the LOVE OF JESUS.
    In Holland we have Family7, a christian TV station. Several times a day we enjoy The Homecomings!

  91. Hi daniel, I guess you didn’t think the comment I made a few weeks ago was reliable enough to post. Oh well. I’d reveal my source but I don’t want to make any trouble with this individual and Mr. Gaither. (assuming they read this blog)
    Let’s just say whenever a singer leaves a southern gospel group, the majority of the time it is because of problems behind the scenes. They make a story like “he/she wanted to pursue a solo career, or spend more time with family” – rarely (if ever) is that the case. These groups that we know, love, and put on a pedestal have people problems too – just like us fans. I love GVB – but I understand that they encounter relational problems too – they aren’t perfect. Even the Apostle Paul and Barnabas had some relational issues and had to part ways – and I have loads of confidence in those men.

    • I don’t know where you’re getting your info, but I agree with your statement. Just because two people part ways doesn’t mean one should lose our respect or that foul play is a given. It can be as simple as a disagreement over something.

    • A few weeks ago, Daniel Britt interviewed Guy Penrod, he made the statement that it’s nice to have the freedom to pursue his own musical tastes. While he didn’t come right out and say it, it sounded like he left because of a difference in tastes of musical styles. He wanted a more country feel, and Bill Gaither wanted a more contemporary/inspirational feel. In the 3 albums they’ve release since Guy’s been gone, there hasn’t been a single country-leaning song on them. In contrast, when Guy was with them, there was at least one country sounding tune.

      • “In contrast, when Guy was with them, there was at least one country sounding tune.”

        I meant to add “on every album”. I submitted my reply before I was through writing it.

      • The Gaither Vocal Band has sung a myriad of styles during their history. To some great degree this has been because of personnel changes. They play to the strengths of the members (but do stretch it at times) and usually when a new member joins they feature them a decent amount.

        I liked some of the country sounding stuff, but confess the Inspo stuff is one of my favorites and even prefer Guy there for the most part (“The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference”, “I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary”, “I’ll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus”, “Count On Me”, “Let Freedom Ring” etc.) With that said, I liked “Songs that Answer Questions”, “On the Authority”, and many songs on the I Do Believe project.

        As far as Guy, I never really cared for his solo CD, though I am not sure I listened to it all, and only did once. A great talent for sure, but not my thing.

  92. The new “All-Star” Gaither Vocal Band is clearly one of the strongest ensembles that Bill has ever put together. In fact, only the Gaither-Penrod-Lowry-Phelps version (which was arguably the best GVB ever) probably could top this current line-up. And Michael English has absolutely won his way back into our hearts since his return. If not for his recent throat surgery, Wes Hampton wouldn’t really be needed. One thing I did hear though is that Bill put a five man group together because he was considering coming off the road himself and moving Mark Lowry to the bass and emcee part. Has anyone else heard this?

    Lastly, Ryan Seaton left Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, much like Penrod did GVB. Was there a rift there?

    • “If not for his recent throat surgery, Wes Hampton wouldn’t really be needed.”

      I beg to differ.

  93. I do wish Guy would change his mind. I love to hear him sing. I heard him yesterday in Wytheville andhe was marvelous. Guy, you can’t be replaced with the GVB. We all love you in Virginia.

    • Nobody has said he could be replaced. Even Bill Gaither himself has said you can never truly replace anybody. You just have to move on and go in a different direction, and thats what the Gaither Vocal Band has done.

    • Michael is one of my favorite vocalists. When he left, I was really upset. The next CD was good (and in retrospect better than I realized then), but I was still disappointed. Guy came in and although he was still no Michael, he did do some exciting things with them. So, there was life after Michael and there is after Guy. Each has their own gifts and although each has its own fans, I would hope that we give each a chance to do what they do best instead of expecting them to be a clone of or to replace their predecessor (which isn’t really possible).

      • You got that right…

  94. when michael was with the gaithers i was so disappointed when he was gone I also love guy he has such a sweet spirit after getting the reunion dvd’s I was so blessed and the tears fell when micheal was intervued and sang I then read michael’s book the prodical comes home I’ve read it three times then i prayed for michael and family + each member of the gaithers every day for this past year when that man sings and the others you know that this group is a gift from God to us

  95. My question is will Guy Penrod return to the Gaither Vocal Band? I have his CD Breathe Deep and I love it, but would like to see him return to GVB, I understand that he has his solo career, and no one should criticize anyone for what they want to, thank God he is still sanging.

  96. Well. where do you find current, this year’s news (2013) I was reading The Good News and All of a sudden They said Guy was going to be leaving the GVB and Here he has already left Back in 2008 0r 2009. I was Just disheartened because I thought some of the programs were currently being made. I Love His music and can’t stand it if i can’ listen to my blessed music with the Gaither programs and especially watch the Penrods and their whole family on the DVDs There is such a blessed experiance when the lord touches my heart with it. I just love the DVD with his family. and all the music that comes from it. I want more of the Music,Friendship. and Love that just comes out when Guy sings
    Write Me. Sincerely, Margaret Pierson

    • Dear Margaret,

      You can find current news on this website. A new news or commentary story is posted every single day, six days a week. Just click the quartet picture at the top of this page, and that will take you to the home page with the current news.

      Daniel J. Mount


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