Listening to Southern Gospel overseas

The other day, I received an email from an 18-year-old Southern Gospel fan in Colombia. He mentioned how the high cost of international shipping made it prohibitively expensive to purchase Southern Gospel recordings from the U.S. So this is a question primarily for international readers: What online radio stations do you use to listen to Southern Gospel outside of the United States? Services like Pandora and Spotify are often limited to a small set of countries, but can you access sites like Live365 or Sunlite Radio’s on-demand stream of The Gospel Greats?

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  1. Hey, I live in Columbia, and I don’t have any problems with international shipping. Perhaps the e-mail you got was from Colombia? 🙂

  2. I guess I’m that guy because I’m 18 and I live in Colombia. There are several good radio stations on Live365 my favorite is All Quartets Radio I’m not a big fan of new quartets, I like more the old ones and maybe that’s why I love this radio because they play a lot of old stuff.

    • Yes, it’s you! I really like All Quartets Radio, too!

      Are you able to access Pandora, Spotify, and/or YouTube in Colombia?

      • Pandora is only available in USA, I think. I use Spotify but with a VPN which is really slow and YouTube of course we have that here.

      • OK!

  3. Canada here, so SORTA international! 🙂

    My wife uses ShoutCast on her iPod Touch and listens to The Light Online, All Southern Gospel Radio, etc…. there are 5 or 6 really good ones. If you don’t have an iPod just go to and do a search for Southern Gospel.

  4. I live in the Netherlands and shipping to Europe is not that expensive when you can order from Amazon. Ordering from artists web-shops can be far more expensive.
    Here I have access to Spotify and YouTube and I listen to The Gospel Station and sometimes to Solid Gospel Radio online.
    I’ve never heard of All Quartets Radio so I definitely have to look into that too 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback! That’s interesting!

    • Regarding All Quartets Radio; Sad to say Carl Ramsey had to shut it down. I read on a Facebook post where someone had contacted him and he stated it was gone for good. Anyway, was a great station.

      • Regarding All Quartets Radio (Revised):

        The link I had been checking has been reactivated by someone else. At the bottom of the homepage there is some explanation that they are “holding” a place for Carl if he ever wants to reactivate his station. Here is the link

        Quote, “We have a passion for close harmony and quartet-style music and our other three stations play quartet-style music but we have avoided operating an “all-quarets” station out of respect for our associate and Hero of the Gospel, Carl Ramsey, who is the best there is. Sadly, Mr. Ramsey has ceased broadcasting. It is our hope he may soon be able to return his station to the air. Our offer to help him do that still stands. In the meantime, we are saving a spot for him and will try to serve his faithful listeners by playing the music they love and maybe in some small way help to fill the void Carl left.” end quote

        I haven’t listened yet so I am not sure if this version will play the old stuff like Carl did.

  5. Tell our friends and neighbors to log on to
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    • So I take it that the program’s available online worldwide?

  6. I live in Indonesia. I’m using my android phone with its preloaded winamp to listen to shoutcast. And i like those southern gospel radio. Of course my biggest source of southern gospel is youtube. Here, in Indonesia, we’re very left behind about those SG album. FYI, Gold City’s album Revival, was arrived at the local store last December. So, thanks to you, Daniel. I get to know all the things about SG from your blog, and then i will try to search it on Youtube.

    PS: i read your blog on daily basis.
    every time i type the letter ‘S’ on the address bar of my browser, your blog address is the first one will appear in it. 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting! I believe this is the first comment this site has received from Indonesia!

      Thank you also for the information about how you see SG music online! (It’s also cool that my site comes up for you when you type s in the address bar – it does for me, too, of course, but that is naturally to be expected!)

      • Sorry to disappoint you, this isn’t my first time to comment on this site. 🙂
        I’ve made a few comments before.

      • Oh, I’m not disappointed at all. 🙂 I just hadn’t known your nationality up until this point.