Donald Morris leaves Dixie Melody Boys

The Dixie Melody Boys just announced that lead singer Donald Morris is leaving the group. Morris had been with the group for three years. Tenor and publicist Matt Felts commented: 

It is common to hear that a guy comes off the road to be with their family. In this case it is true, Donald has made the tough decision to come off the road to be with his family. He has a beautiful baby girl at home and I’m sure he is looking forward to seeing her more. He will also be focusing on his songwriting and his publishing company. We are proud of Donald. He is one of the finest lead singers we have ever had. We will miss him.

Ed O’Neal added:

The family of former members is very close. Donald will always have a special place in our family. We understand why he is coming off the road but we will miss him. He is a special talent. 

Audition plans for a replacement will be announced shortly.

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  1. Correction – Lead singer not baritone

  2. I hate to hear that Donald is leaving DMB. Donald is a great lead singer with tons of energy. I wish you well Donald!

    And to Ed and the guys, best of luch in your search for the right guy! You guys are my buddies.


    • He is indeed a great singer. Thanks for your show of support!

  3. Donald is a great singer!! He does have a ton of energy and he was a great asset to DMB. Ed O’Neal is one of the best, if not the best, at scouting out great singers and training them up in the way that they should go. Just look at the DMB alumni! Thanks for the post Daniel. My little brother and I are big Donald Morris and DMB fans!

  4. Man, this is surprising. I know Donald’s been there for a while, but he was such a big DMB fan coming into the group. Figured he be with Ed a little longer than he was. Too bad. He had a great voice and blended well with Matt.

    • By Dixie Melody Boys standards, 3 years is actually quite good!

  5. If I did not know any better I would have to say that Ed O’Neal is hard to work for… But I know that is not the case. LOL
    Love Ed and all the former DMB!!!

    • Just listen to the regard with which EOU alumni talk about Ed – Rodney Griffin, Harold Reed, Andrew King, etc. – talk about working with him. The respect they have for him is incredible!

      • You mentioned Andrew King. Is he involved in the industry again??
        Not trying to get the thread off topic, just saw Andrew mentioned, and had to ask.

      • Sort of, but not with a top-tier group. He’s singing with his brother and another friend in the group he was with before joining Ed O’Neal. They tour in Texas, so we don’t see them in either of our areas. Meanwhile, he’s working on a Ph.D. in Agriculture.

  6. Thank you all for your kind words. I hated to have to leave DMB, this was a tough decision. Ed is not hard to work for, and ill always call him boss for the rest of my life. Ed was very understanding and showed his support for me and my families best interest. That says a lot about a person. Best wishes to the group. I will be staying in touch and helping any way i can.

  7. Donald, thanks for your comments. Most know that Ed is a great man but we will surely miss you with the DMB. Enjoyed your time with them. God Bless.