Happy Father’s Day, God!

It’s Father’s Day once again and I’m thinking of those who don’t have a father to celebrate with. For some, that can be a lonely feeling but I pray that God comforts your heart. As I was thinking about this in the wee hours of the morning, I wrote the following poem. Regardless of whether or not your earthly father is still living or involved in your life, don’t forget to give thanks to the greatest Father a person could ever ask for and, if you will be celebrating with your father today, thank God for that blessing.

Happy Father’s Day, God, it’s Your daughter again
So thankful for what a good Father You’ve been
In good times and bad times, You’ve always been there
Walking beside me and proving you care
None can compare to You, Father above
There’s nothing on earth that comes close to Your love
And so with these thoughts, I just wanted to say
God, I hope You have a great Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! May your day, your week, and your life be blessed as you serve your Heavenly Father. He’s truly been such a great Father to me.

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  1. I am one of the few who doesn’t have a father in my life, but the Heavenly Father was always there for me and is the main reason that I celebrate Father’s Day with joy in my heart despite that fact. Happy Father’s Day Lord God!! 🙂
    -From your child, Tracey M.

    • Amen, Tracey! Thank you for sharing that. I sometimes picture God working overtime to care for His children who don’t have an earthly father caring for them. I’m sure that’s not really the way it works but I love that mental picture.