The story behind “John in the Jordan” and other news

There were so many stories to mention in today’s news roundup that I decided to put them all in one post.

The Southern Gospel Reporter has the story behind Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s current single, “John in the Jordan.” It’s worth checking out! Visit and scroll down, since unfortunately there is no way to give you a direct link. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

The Tarheel State Quartet announced that they will be adopting a more progressive sound and changing their name to “New Sound.” [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

Bedford, Indiana’s Times-Mail has a brief story about an upcoming Gold City concert. I don’t know if I have ever (before this) heard a writer summarize the 25-year history of Gold City in a single sentence: “Gold City formed 25 years ago in Georgia and now is comprised of several young singers.” (I have this feeling that Jonathan Wilburn would like that!) [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

Finally, the Harlan Daily Enterprise has a story on the Talley Trio. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

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