Mark Trammell Quartet earns first #1 hit

The Mark Trammell Quartet announced on Facebook over the weekend that they have received their first #1 hit, for “I Want to Know.” Trammell founded the group ten years ago, touring as a trio for eight years before becoming a quartet in 2010 with the addition of bass singer Pat Barker. Incidentally, this #1 hit was the first song they singled to radio that featured Barker.

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  1. It is a great song and performance, but “Loving The Lamb” is still my favorite and should have been #1 first.

    • “Loving the Lamb” is their most powerful song yet, but had an uphill climb to #1 being a 5-minute-long ballad. I’m amazed it got as high as it did.

  2. To this day, the largest reaction we get from an audience is on Loving the Lamb. It is extremely powerful.

    • Just one more example that the biggest radio song often isn’t the biggest live performance song!

    • How does it feel to be #1, Pat? You giving the guys a hard time about one of your features going #1? It’s about time, right? 🙂

      Well deserved, all the way around.

    • I heard “I Want To Know” on the radio last week while getting lunch and again several hours later while getting supper. It is enough to make me want to start eating breakfast out and maybe some snacks. If I do, and gain weight, I am blaming Pat and the guys. 😉

  3. I Want to Know on the Jubilee 2 DVD was my first introduction to Pat Barker, and a big reason why I consider him to be the best bass singer on the road today.

  4. Yet another song that has been around for decades becoming a hit. What (if anything) does this say about the condition of today’s songwritting…?

    • It’s not necessarily a commentary on today’s songwriting. Perhaps it is a commentary on the sort of songs that radio DJs like to play and chart high, but it’s not that the Mark Trammell Quartet hasn’t come out with some jaw-droppingly incredible new songs before!

  5. So proud for Pat and MTQ! Have loved this quartet classic ever since I can remember. They do a great job singing it! “Loving the Lamb” is an amazing song and is one of my favorites too! Way to go Pat! You were the first bass singer my then 2 year old, fell in love with! 🙂

  6. Mark and the guys will be at our church in Ohio on June 23.

  7. Better watch out Mark! Don’t get to many hits with the songs that were recorded by the Statesmen or you might get Branded as a COVER group! Trust me I know. Lol the next thing you’ll be reading is if it wasn’t for the Statesmen and Cathedrals you wouldn’t have any songs to sing! Congrats on the number one!