Saturday News Roundup #126

Worth Knowing

  • BMI handed out its Christian Music Awards earlier this week. Songs and songwriters were both honored; Kyla Rowland joined three CCM songwriters as one of the four “Songwriters of the Year.” Several Southern Gospel songs were honored as “Award-winning songs,” evidently a top-25 list of sorts:
    • Did I Mention (Kyla Rowland / The Perrys)
    • I’ve Never Known a Day (Van Mitchell / The Inspirations)
    • Somebody Died for Me (Kyle Matthews and Christy Sutherland / Triumphant Quartet)
    • This Old Sinner Testifies (Kyla Rowland / The Perrys)
    • You Were Faithful Yesterday (Rodney Griffin / Greater Vision)
  • Nick and Jessica Brown Trammell (of The Browns) had their first child Thursday morning—a daughter, Tessa. Congratulations to the parents (and the ecstatic grandparents, too!)
  • The Freemans signed with Rivergate Talent Agency for booking.
  • Sheila Heil (wife of legendary Gospel Greats host Paul Heil) had eye surgery yesterday. Prayers are requested for her recovery.

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of the Garms Family (who are contributors) singing “Tell Me the Story of Jesus.” It’s probably their best performance to make it to YouTube yet.

Also, here’s a ten-minute video interview with Ben Isaacs (about producing albums).

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. In the Ben Isaacs’ video, who’s holding the camera and talking with Ben??

    • It’s not credited, but my guess is Emily Sutherland.

  2. Very nice, Garms Family. Beautiful harmony!

    • Thank you, Jeremy! We are glad you enjoyed it – thanks for watching! 🙂


      (Oh yeah – thanks Daniel for posting the video…and surprising us again!) 🙂

      • You’re welcome! The video earned it! 🙂