Photo Gallery: Mark Trammell Quartet in concert

Editor’s note: My family saw the Mark Trammell Quartet in concert last weekend. Here are photos and a video from the event.

Video Greeting from Pat Barker

(Footnote for those who have no sense of humor or don’t understand his: This was tongue-in-cheek, and in light-hearted fun!)

Photo Gallery

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  1. Loved the video!! How fun was that?!?! I’d love to hear that a capella version. Maybe they’ll “forget the track” the next time I see them!

    • You could always ask; the worst they could say is no! They had some great comedy with this one, too, with Pat Barker pretending to not remember the words – and kidding Mark about being the only person on stage old enough to grow up when people were saying “whence the healing stream doth flow.” 🙂

  2. Daniel, would be able to send me a folder of all those photos? Our photographer was not able to make it to the concert at the last minute and we have no photos for our files.

  3. Daniel,
    Go right ahead and think he was joking if it makes you feel better. LOL

  4. Sure enjoyed seeing these photos. Love the MTQ.

  5. So we know one song on the new CD…anyone with insider information of others? I know that there is (or at least was going to be at one time) one new Rodney Griffin song on it. I think the rest may be covers.

    • I wasn’t at the concert, so it wouldn’t be me! 🙂

  6. The same night, the Inspirations were in Clyde, Oh.
    MTQ or Inspirations…………………
    I didn’t get to either !!