Southern Gospel LP Swap #3

Some sites make it relatively easy to swap books and CDs. But I have yet to find something similar for Southern Gospel LPs. So I occasionally set aside a day and a post here for this.

We post the duplicates we have, and, optionally, the ones we seek. Since not all LPs have the same value, we indicate whether we would swap it for, say, 1, 2, or 3 others, rating a common LP as 1 and a rare one as 3. (If it’s worth more than 3, just sell it on eBay!)

Here are my current duplicates:

  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – Give Us This Day (split seam on cover)
  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – In Concert
  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – The Joy of Knowing Jesus
  • worth 1 – Blackwood Brothers – Bill Gaither Songs by the Blackwood Brothers
  • worth 1 – Blue Ridge Quartet – And That’s Enough
  • worth 1 – Coy Cook (Florida Boys tenor) – High and Easy
  • worth 1 – Dixie Echoes – Get on Board 
  • worth 1 – Evie – Come On, Ring Those Bells
  • worth 1 – Florida Boys – Something Exciting!
  • worth 2 – Florida Boys – Brotherhood – I picked this one up because of its condition; other than some slight wear at the lower right edge of the sleeve, this is the best copy I’ve seen of this LP
  • worth 1 – Florida Boys – The Best of the Florida Boys – also in great shape
  • worth 1 – Bill Gaither Trio – The Very Best of the Very Best
  • worth 1 – Happy Goodmans – Refreshing (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Jake Hess & the Imperials – To Sing is the Thing
  • worth 1 – Inspirations – A Night of Inspiration: The Inspirations Live
  • worth 1 – Inspirations – Golden Street Parade
  • worth 1 – Inspirations – Something to Sing About
  • worth 1 – Kingsmen – Suddenly There’s a Valley (worn and no cover)
  • worth 1 – Kingsmen – Gospel Dynamite (might as well be no cover, because it looks like a previous owner of the LP got really hungry and took big bites out of three corners of the cover! I promise it wasn’t me!)
  • worth 1 – LeFevres – Experience the LeFevres (worn / warped cover)
  • worth 1 – LeFevres – Without Him
  • worth 1 – Rex Nelon Singers – Live!
  • worth 1 – Rambos – Come Spring (no cover)
  • worth 1 – Rambos – Too Much to Gain to Lose and other Favorites
  • worth 1 – Reba Rambo –The Prodigal according to Reba
  • worth 1 – Henry & Hazel Slaughter – All in the Name of Jesus
  • worth 1 – Speer Family – Garden of Melody
  • worth 1 – Stamps Quartet – Whispering Hope
  • worth 1 – Statesmen – Mansion Over the Hilltop (note: sleeve in poor condition, with section cut out and tape holding cover together, but the LP does have an added paper sleeve for additional protection)
  • worth 1 – Statesmen – Sings the Gospel Gems
  • worth 1 – Truth – You Don’t Know What You’re Missing (two-LP set)
  • worth 1 – Lanny Wolfe Trio – Can’t Stop the Music (might as well be no cover, because it looks like a previous owner of the LP got really hungry and took big bites out of two corners of the cover! I promise it wasn’t me!)
  • worth 1 – Lanny Wolfe Trio – A Brand New Touch
  • worth 1 – Various – Beloved Hymns – Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters, Wally Fowler & the Oak Ridge Quartet, Jake Hess and the Jordanaires, Plainsmen, Sons of Song, Sego Brothers and Naomi, Georgians, Dixie Echoes, Goss Brothers, Little Steve Sanders)
Here’s what I’m looking for.
Anyone else interested in jumping in this month?

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  1. Daniel I believe i have the weatherfords “The Cross” album. I need to pull out my autographed albums as I believe I had Glen Payne sign it years ago. It is not a duplicate but I am willing to trade for something on your list

    • I’d be delighted to trade any two albums on this list for that one! 🙂

      • There is probably more chance of their cutting a song by another Payne than Glen than the following scenario: Years ago when getting a compilation, I noticed the song “Where The Soul Never Dies” on an Oak Ridge Boys recording was written by a William M. Golden. Bear in mind the Oaks’ baritone singer (who had the solos and most of the lead on the song) was William Lee Golden. I had never heard the song and presumed it might be William Lee and just a typo (especially since M is the letter after L.) It turns out that it was written as I recall decades before William Lee was even born and I believe I heard once that as far as William Lee knew was no relation whatsoever. So, stranger things have happened. 🙂

  2. I tried to leave you a message over on absolutely gospel site, but your box is full. I have quite a few. I have both the gold city super 70’s gospel hits vol 1-vol.3 on tape and cd. I’m willing to part with the tapes. there are 4 on your list i need.


    • Sure, those are hard enough to find that I’d swap for tapes there!

      I went over to AbsolutelyGospel and tried to access my inbox. Oddly, whenever I clicked the link to go to my private messages folder, it redirected me to the control panel. So I guess I can’t see my inbox, and that would probably explain why I haven’t cleaned it out lately! Sorry about that, and I’ll send you over an email promptly!

      • Not only are they hard enough to find on cassette, they are as far as I know impossible to find in other formats (legally at least). 🙂

  3. Daniel looks like the Blue Ridge -And Thats Enough and the Dixie Echoes – Get On Board are two that I wouuld want in exchange for the Weatherfords – The Cross. It is autographed by Glen Payne and there is a small ink mark on the coverbut is in otherwise great condition. Have always wondered the Cross shows it was written by Payne. is that Glen Payne? never knew he wrote any songs. can we list cassettes on here or just albums?

    • Deal!

      I don’t know – I never heard of him writing any songs!

      I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to list cassettes on here; just specify that they’re cassettes.

  4. Daniel,

    You can also get me at absolutely gospel site aka(BASS SINGIN). Pm me there for other things you might be interested in. I’ll give you first shot.

    1. Coy Cook (High And Easy)
    2. Dixie Echoes (Get On Board)
    3. Florida Boys (Something Exciting)
    4. Florida Boys (BrotherHood)

    These Are The 4 I’m Interested in.



    • David, did you get the email I tried sending to you? It looks like there are technical difficulties, and my private message box at the AGM site isn’t working right now.

      Also, it looks like Nicholas spoke just before you on asking for the Dixie Echoes project!

      • Howdy,

        Yes I Did. Just Got home from the 4th of July Church Picnic. Checking all emails. Ok, will hold out 4 a future draft pick. lol.

        So email your address and I’ll get these out on Friday. (super 70’s Gospel Hits Vol.1-3). SEE if you can get your email box uncorked and i’ll pm you what i have.





    • David, thanks, and I’ll be watching! I had a late, late night last night, working till 11:30 at an event for work, with a 90-minute drive home. So I fell way behind on my email.