Kingsmen tenor launches new website, solo album

Kingsmen tenor Jeremy Peace has launched a new website, [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.] Most pages other than the home page are still under construction. This website launch is to highlight the release of a solo Christmas CD he has recorded.

A few comments on the website:

  • The photo he has chosen to post of himself is rather interesting. The pose and facial expression is something that I would expect to see on the website of a contemporary singer. Does anyone know if his CD will be contemporary?
  • Though this could be coincidental, I noticed that the first sentence of the short bio states: “Jeremy Peace is the current tenor for the Kingsmen Quartet of Asheville, North Carolina.” While one would normally say that he was “the tenor” for the group, one wonders if he has chosen that wording intentionally to emphasize something–perhaps his heritage in the tenors who have come before him.

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  1. I’ve seen much better pictures of Jeremy – maybe he was just trying to look really serious?!?!

    I hope Jeremy hurries up and gets the site up so people can order the new CD in time to have it to play before Christmas.

  2. I’ve seen much better pictures of him, too, which was what led me to try to figure out why he would have chosen that one for his website.

  3. The bio has been changed to read he “is the tenor…”

  4. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess this blog has readers! 🙂

  5. Uhh…..evidently your sound wasn’t on when you went to his webpage. From the sound of the intro music, not only will the album be contemporary, it will be hip-hop! 🙁

  6. There are actually two places that say that he’s the Kingsmen tenor – one on the home page that still has the word “current” and one on the bio page that doesn’t. I only got music on the beginning page and then it wasn’t singing- – just a strange instrumental segment. Am I missing something? I’m not too crazy about the sounds when the different pages are loading. We’ll see how it all looks and sounds when it’s complete.

  7. All right; I had noticed the phrase “current Kingsmen tenor” on the main page, not the bio. So it probably remains unchanged from where it was before.

  8. I think the “music” and graphics of this web site are quite annoying. I wish he’d spent more time with content and less time with bells and whistles.

  9. I think it’s interesting that a full-time SG quartet member intends to write album reviews. I’ve never seen that done before.

  10. I’m not sure he meant that he was going to review albums – maybe it’s for people expressing themselves about HIS ablums. . . .

  11. I Have Heard all the songs for the Christmas Cd save one, And I will hear it soon. As for the contemporary part it is anything but contemporary. It is very much a traditional Christmas project with some of the most well know Christmas songs ever recorded period. Jeremy Spent a great deal of time to find in most cases the origional tracks for the songs. The Cd Is titled “Christmas Memories” which he puts his own special feel on some classic Holiday songs such as “The Christmas song” Have your self a merry little Chrismas, White Christmas, Santa Clause is comming to town. Jeremy is probable one of the most diversly styled tenors in southern Gospel music. He was trained in classical style singing and is even singing in a Christmas Opera over the Holiday. I believe everyone who hears in my opinion the most powerful version of O Holy Night ever recorded, your doubts as to contemporary music will be laid to rest. Jeremy does several things along with being the Kingsmens Tenor singer, he produces, records, and masters cd projects for various Southern Gospel groups, He designs web-sights, which I asked him about the funky music and graphics his reply “I just wanted to do something diffent” I don’t think there are any hidden messages in the layout nor in the wording of being the current tenor singer, If you have ever talked to Jeremy the first thing you will notice after you see his heart for the gospel is He is the biggest Kingsmen fan out there, not only is He living His Dream He stiill Humbly acknowledges that The Kingsmen have always been his favorite group and He is still a fan of all the guys in the Ranks of the Kingsmen Legacy. That is why he said “current”. In closing I will encourage you when the Christmas Memories cd becomes available get it the song O Holy Night itself is worth the album , all the other songs are great too.

  12. Hello everyone. I just happen to have a good friend who directed me to this site, and told me you guys had a few questions about the new site. Well as you have noticed, the site has not been completed as of yet, but now that I have some time off, I will be able to finish it out in the next day or so. As for the solo cd, no it is not contemporary, but has more of a classical feel. I searched for the original tracks to most of the songs, and used various different vocal styles to accent the songs. So to answer some of your questions…

    The photo I chose was one the Kingsmen took back when Tony first joined the group. Many don’t know this, but I HATE taking pictures, and usually look goofy in the ones that are picked out for cds, or table photos. So I felt this particular photo I used was one of the better ones to choose from. I thought it fit the profile look for my site. I’m sure others feel different, but I happened to like the photo. LOL. As far as the wording of me being the “current” tenor… Don’t read into it any farther. There have been so many great tenors come and go from the Kingsmen, and I am honored to have the chance to fill their shoes. But you would be very suprised at the people who come to the table still thinking that Jerry, Chris, or even Gary are still singing with the group. See, the motto with us is…”Once a Kingsmen, always a Kingsmen”. Gary, Jerry, and Chris will always be known as Kingsmen Tenors. So, I used the word “current” to establish the fact that I am, at this time, the Kingsmen tenor. I have no plans of leaving, starting a new group, or going solo. I have planted myself here, and have wrapped my whole life around singing tenor with the Kingsmen. The Lord will have to call me away, or the rapture will have to take place before I leave. LOL.

    When designing a website, I start out looking at how I want to layout the scheme. I work on all the small details such as color, graphics, flash elements and sound, or as someone else called it, “the Bells and Whistles”. Once the structuring is done, I add the content. As of right now, I have been covered up with other sites, and engineering, that I haven’t had a chance to finish adding the content. I’m finally on Christmas break, so this time should allow me to finish things up there. Its like my mother used to tell my dad, ” Honey, you’ll go to so and so’s house and work for them, but you don’t have time to do things around here!” I guess I’m in the same boat as my dad. LOL. Also, if you feel that the music is too much for your taste, just look for the on and off switch at the bottom of the site to turn the sound off. The whole purpose of the site, once completed, will be to promote the website design work, and audio engineering that I do. I never really intended for it to be for self promotion, but just wanted to add a few things for everyone who visits. You can learn about the Kingsmen, and myself, some of the news that go on in gospel music, about the services that I offer, and even cd reviews. I wanted to site to look mainstream, because I do also do projects other than SG music. I wanted to cater to everyone who visited.

    I read all kinds of reviews on new cds that come out in our industry. It is so funny sometimes, because I feel some of the reviews are written by people who really don’t have a feel for the music at all. It’s all opinionated, and catered to the reviewer’s taste. I wanted to do a different take on reviews, and look more at the feeling, emotion, and sprititual aspect of the new albums. Sure, there is a lot of technology that go into making the new cds, and you can do so much to the vocals, such as tuning and alignment, eq, compression, etc, but that is the whole point of forking out the money for a project that has been perfected. You don’t want the listeners to have to wade and sort through all the little details that could hender their enjoyment and blessing from the message in the songs. And if the cd comes from Daywind, Crossroads, etc, then you already know the quality is going to be top-notch… so why write about it? I want to read a review that lets me in on what to expect spritually, what emotions the listener might feel, is it entertaining? Now this is in no way a slam to anyone who does reviews, I just want to do it a little different.

    The new cd has been completed, and I will have some sound bytes up tonight, or in the morning. The CD will only be available by download, so if you are interested, you can e-mail me at and I will e-mail you the high quality mp3 files from the CD. If downloading the cd is not an option for you, I can mail you a copy so that you can have it before Christmas. The cost is a donation of $10.00. I accept paypal, checks, cash, money orders, turkey, dressing, fried squash… oops, got carried away thinking about Christmas Eve dinner at Grannys! But if you are interested in getting a copy, or have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me again at And by the way,
    Merry CHRISTMAS!!!

    Jeremy B. Peace

  13. Jeremy,

    Thank you for answering my two questions concerning photo selection and the “current tenor” phrase.

    I would encourage the readers of this website to check out his website and listen to his CD.